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BodyMindLife’s focus has always been on transformation. We continually ask ourselves how we can use the principles of Yoga and Pilates as a catalyst for positive change. Our new brand film communicates how our teachers can guide you through turbulent times, using breath and movement to elevate and centre. 

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In the past few months we have been through an incredible shift. Our physical studio spaces have become digital. Teachers are presenting classes to camera for the very first time, and many of our students are experiencing what it’s like to practice from home – rather than in a communal environment – for the first time. 

As a business we’ve learnt to stream online, run production, respond quickly to technical glitches, and communicate without the tangible feedback that comes from face to face conversations. We have done all this with constant support from our community, who have adapted to the circumstances and evolved with us. 

The response to online classes has been overwhelmingly  positive, as students tune in to practice live or schedule breaks in their working-from-home day to move, breathe, play and create. Many are questioning whether they can, or want to, go back to living the way we were before the pandemic began. 

As we navigate updates to government restrictions and recommendations, we are listening carefully to feedback and responding in ways that continue to allow us to support physical and mental wellbeing. 

Crisis spurs consciousness. We believe that we will rise from this challenge more aware of who we are, what we value, and with more compassion than ever before.

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