At BodyMindLife we take your wellbeing very seriously. And although the risk to our students, staff and teachers is low, we recognise the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is potentially unsettling.

Rest assured that across the company we are monitoring the situation closely and are able to respond quickly to any arising changes. We are keeping up to date with official information including guidance from CDC – Centres for Disease Control & Prevention and the (WHO) World Health Organisation as well as the Australian Governments Department of Health.

Across the businesses, we have already implemented numerous practical changes to our day to day operations including increased hygiene protocols, more regular cleaning, increased potency of antibacterial agents in cleaning products, hand sanitisers readily available throughout the studio, more closed lid bins around the studios as well as adequate signage to notify.

We are now increasing our response to the next level in line with real or perceived issues. This page is to show the practical changes we are implementing in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s what we need from you:

  1.   Hand washing is critical because it helps prevent the spread of all viruses and bacteria, especially through the hand to mouth/face/nose route. At the studios, we are sanitising all surfaces regularily throughout the day.
  2. We are preventing anyone with coughs, colds, fever from coming into work or to take part in classes. We ask that you use your best judgement here. If you are coughing or sneezing in class we will encourage you to leave the room. Our strong advice is that if you are exhibiting any symptoms then please stay away until symptoms subside. If necessary we will be creating videos of our teachers over the coming months as well as live streaming some classes in the future.
  3. Anyone who does cough or sneeze should use tissues and dispose of them safely in closed bins and then wash their hands as soon as possible.
  4. Avoid kissing, hugging and the sharing of water bottles and cups at the studio. We recommend you use your own mats and that you regularly sanitise them.
  5. We all unconsciously or consciously touch our face, nose, eyes, head ears at least 15 times an hour if not more. Contamination on the hands from surfaces can enter the body through these vulnerable routes. Avoid this as much as possible. New levels of personal hygiene required.
  6. Good personal hygiene is key to preventing the spread of many diseases.
  7. We will increase the air circulation in the studio rooms. In most studios, we already have high levels of circulation and filtration through additional HVAC air systems. Our FAR infra red Heating systems used in the yoga rooms and saunas also serve as an antibacterial safeguard – that is they help reduce germs in the studio.

Finally, on this issue, there is no question that we are following WHO recommendations. That said boosting and building your immune system especially as we are coming to our FLU season that starts in May. We also recognise that preventative methods are always better than the cure so here are some alternative suggestions.


Notes from the WHO


Article on strengthening immune system

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BML Guiding Document from WHO 3 March 2020


Thanks and stay well,

Founder and CEO Phil Goodwin