“Research shows people are far more satisfied with their jobs if they work on something that they are naturally interested in.” Gallup, 2013.

Love Pilates and practise regularly? It could be time to take the next step and sign up for your Pilates teacher training!

BodyMindLife has teamed up with Breathe Education, Australia’s only provider of a Clinical Diploma in Pilates, for a life-changing Cert IV course that will teach you everything you need to know to become a fully qualified Pilates instructor.

As one of the fastest growing fitness industries, it’s a career path that’s going places. Our Pilates instructors Cloe Bunter and Alice Scott share five compelling reasons on why you should take the leap…

1. Love your job

Becoming a Pilates instructor means entering a world where the traditional 9am-5pm doesn’t exist. It’s a flexible lifestyle where you can create your own schedule and spend each working day in a fun, dynamic environment where you’re free to move around. Signing up for your training is really just the first step on an ongoing journey that will always challenge, inspire and empower you.


2. Get an industry leading qualification

Breathe Education offers the only Clinical Diploma of Pilates in Australia. The course is taught with compassion and heart by Australia’s leading practitioners, and respects classical and contemporary movements with the latest scientific research. It’s a national qualification that’s recognised by the Australian Government, the Pilates Alliance of Australasia, Exercise and Sport Science Australia and all major insurers.


3. Take your skillset to the next level

A Cert IV in Pilates caters for students from all walks of life – from those leaving the corporate world for the very first time and stay-at-home parents, to professionals already working in the health or fitness industry. This course won’t just teach you how to memorise movements – you’ll take a deep dive into the biomechanics behind each exercise and the profound impact they have on the body too.

It’s an evidence based training that builds on the on the philosophy behind Joseph Pilates’ work – we integrate mind with body but continually adapt teaching methods, exercise selection and, where applicable, clinical reasoning based on the latest scientific research.

This is why so many physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths and other rehabilitation professionals have trained with Breathe, and why it’s one of the most challenging, well-respected programs in the country.


4. Make meaningful connections

When you become a Pilates instructor, you open yourself up to a world of like-minded peers. It’s a passionate, supportive industry where uyou’ll have the chance to build lasting friendships and make a genuine impact on people’s lives. Once teaching, you’ll experience first-hand the transformative effect Pilates can have and that can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


5. Go places…

The Pilates industry has taken off worldwide and there has never been a better time to get into it! With the rise of studios, offerings in gyms and fitness centres, increasing support from the health industry and the evolution of corporate wellness programs around the world, it’s a movement that’s only set to grow.

Alice Scott Alice has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry since 2010. Gaining qualifications with Pilates Schools including STOTT and Elixr, she has expanded her repertoire to instruct… VIEW PROFILE