Default timetable options

To make viewing and booking classes even easier for you we’ve provided you with the option to save your favourite filters on the timetable as your default. This means that whenever you visit the timetable and you’re logged into your account these selections will load.

To set your default timetable make sure you’re logged into your account and then navigate to the timetable.

Click the filters button or icon in the top right to open up the filters menu.

Choose the filters you’d like to see by default. Any of the options that are available can be selected to work in conjunction with each other. For example if you want to see Pilates & Yoga classes at Surry Hills and Redfern in the Evening you could select the below.

Once you’ve selected the options you want choose the ‘save as default button’. If you can’t see this button make sure you’re logged into your account.

Once its been saved the button will change to say “Default Saved”. From now on the timetables will be pre-filtered to those options when you visit it.

If you want to change what your saved default is, just change your filters selections and click “save as default” again, this will replace your previous selection.

You can also use the ‘clear filters’ button to remove all selections and start selecting filters again.

Or press ‘clear filters’ and then ‘apply filters’ to view the entire timetable.