If you’re on a fortnightly or annual membership with BodyMindLife you can suspend your membership via your dashboard, great if you are going away or won’t be able to make it into the studio for a week or more. 

BodyMindLife requires 7 days notice for any suspensions. The minimum suspension term is 7 days, and the maximum suspension is 56 days annually. In the first 16 weeks of your membership, the maximum suspension term is 14 days.

You can request a suspension to your membership via your online dashboard.

Choose the date that you would like your suspended membership to start from and the last day you want it on and click “close” at the bottom of the calendar popups.

Click the request submission button to submit your application.

You’ll receive an email from us if we have approved your request and processed it in our system. You’ll also receive an email from us if your request is denied.

Should you have any feedback or concerns… or just need some guidance, please email support@bodymindlife.com we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.