Booking classes on the BodyMindLife website is now easier than ever! Follow the steps below to find out how to use all the features of the timetable.

Make sure that you’re logged into the website before you try to book a class. Navigate your way to the timetables page.

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

Sticky Date Bar

The day and date of the classes that you’re looking at will stick to the top of your screen so its always clear what day you’re booking into. You can also easily jump to different days within the week by using the dates above this. This bar will disappear as you scroll to give you more room to see the classes, but if you need to use it again just scroll up slightly and it will reappear.

Scroll to load more

As you get to the bottom of the pre-loaded classes you just need to keep scrolling to load more classes.

Booking Classes

Find the class that you want to book on the timetable.

When you’re looking at the timetable on the website you’ll see 3 options next to the class information:

1) Spots Open – This means there is a spot in the class available to book.

2) Notify Me – this signs you up to receive a notification via text and/or email when a spot becomes available. This goes out to everyone who has signed up, so its first in best dressed to book the spot. You can read more about this here.

3) Class Full – This means that the class is full and too many people have already signed up to be notified that there is a spot available. Please note that notify me is not available to intropassers.

To book the class click on the class or the ‘Spots Open’ button to expand the details of the class. This shows you the detail on the class type, more information on the teacher and whether or not the class is suitable for beginners. Click the ‘Book Class Now’ Button to book the class.

Now that you’re booked in you can cancel your booking or add it to your calendar.

To cancel a class just click the cancel button to the right of the class.

If the class is occurring within the next 2 hours a pop up will appear asking you confirm as you may be charged a late cancellation fee. You can read more about this here.

Late Cancellation Warning:

The classes you’re booked into appear in a different style so you can see what classes you’re going to at a glance.

Favourite Classes

You can favourite the classes you regularly attend to highlight them on the timetable.

Find the class you want to favourite and expand the details.

Click the “favourite” button – you’ll see a green heart section added to the top left of the class and the button changes to say ‘remove favourite’.

That class will appear in that style on the timetables each week. To remove favourite just click the “remove favourite” button on that class.


There are a whole range of filters for the timetable to make it even easier to find the classes that you’re after. These can all be used in conjunction with each other, multi selected and saved as your default so they load pre-filtered every-time you come back to the timetable.

To use the filters click the filter button or icon top right.

This opens up a range of options for you to choose from. Select all the things you want to filter the timetable by and click “apply filters”. This will reload the timetable only showing classes that fit within your filter selection.

Just click on a filter again to remove it from your selection. If you find that you’re always filtering to the same options read about how you can set these as your default.

Should you have any feedback or concerns… or just need some guidance, please email we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.