Like everything in life, becoming a Yoga Teacher is a journey…where every step builds on the last. 

The Yoga Teacher Training journey here at BodyMindLife has been carefully crafted to allow you to progress at your own pace, train with the yoga teachers that personally resonate with you and dive as deep as you ready to go!

8 steps to becoming a yoga teacher with BodyMindLife

Step 1.

Start with WHY?  The more you understand your reasons for wanting to become a yoga teacher, the more you’ll get out of the course.

Step 2

Download the Yoga Teacher Training Handbook.  Then write down any questions or concerns you might have and give our teacher training team a call.  They’ll be happy to meet with you, show you around and introduce you to the teachers.

Step 3

Enrol on the 200-hour teacher training course.  These is our entry level teacher training program that gives you the perfect foundation for becoming a yoga teacher.  You’ll study the science of teaching yoga, practice pranayama and meditation, explore the intricacies of alignment and anatomy and learn all the essentials for starting out as a yoga teacher.

Step 4:

Start teaching!  Practice is everything when it comes to teaching yoga, but many teacher training courses eject their students without any real-life teaching experience. All BodyMindLife graduates are encouraged to teach Community Classes that are held weekly at each of our 4 Sydney studios.

Step 5:

Study with a guest teacher.  Due to BodyMindLife’s reputation as a world class teaching facility, we regularly attract visits from global names in the yoga teaching world.  As a student of BodyMindLife, you have the opportunity to do CPD (continuing professional development) with acclaimed teachers such as Joan Hyman (Yoga teacher to the stars & Director of Wanderlust Hollywood’s Yoga Teacher Training program),  Annie Carpenter and Yin master Sarah Owen.

Step 6:

Keep learning.  Choose from a range of 50-hour professional development courses offered every year at BodyMindLife.  These include ‘Yoga Therapy’, ‘Practical Teaching Skills’, ‘The Art of Alignment & Assists’ and Noelle Connolly’s famous ‘Super Sequencing’ workshop.

Step 7:

Go advanced. Work your way through the entire suite of professional development modules to achieve a 500-hour teacher training certificate and become recognised as an Advanced Yoga Teacher.

Step 8:

Realise just how much your life has transformed since Step 1!  When you become a yoga teacher, everything changes.  Your experience of yoga changes, your lifestyle changes and you become part of a community filled with the most inspired and self-actualised people you’ve ever met.

So, if you’ve heard The Calling, come and join us.