We’ve recently changed how you book into classes at BodyMindLife.

Why are we doing this?

With increasing demand for certain classes (particularly Pilates) and an ongoing issue of people booking into class but not showing up, we’ve been investigating some potential solutions.

Our aim is to eliminate empty spots in classes but keep things as fair as we possibly can for our members. 

Introducing ‘Notify Me’:

The current waitlist system will be replaced with “Notify Me” – a new system that let’s you know when a free spot becomes available in a fully booked class. You can opt to receive this notification by text message, email or both.

This is available for our loyal members and 10 class pass holders.

How it works: When you’re looking at the timetable on the website you’ll now see 3 options next to the class information:

1) Book – this allows you book the class straight away as there are still spots left.

2) Notify Me – this signs you up to receive a notification via text and/or email when a spot becomes available, you can change your notification preferences on your dashboard. This goes out to everyone who has signed up, so its first in best dressed to book the spot (Don’t worry – you will only receive notifications between 5am – 11pm).

Notify Me works differently to the waitlist function – you will need to book into the class once a spot becomes available.

3) Full – This means that the class is full and 10 people have already signed up to be notified that there is a spot available.

You’ll also be able to see all the classes you’ve subscribed to be notified about on your dashboard and can cancel the notification at any time. 

Pilates Cancellation Window

We’ve listened to your concerns regarding the 6-hour cancellation window for pilates classes and are pleased to reveal that you can now cancel up to 2 hours before the class starts.

We know that life happens and unexpected events may occur and we want to make easier for you to free up your spot so someone else can grab it.

But we really need your help with this. If you know you won’t make it to class please ensure you cancel no later than 2 hours before the class start time.

Pilates Late Cancellation & No Show Charges:

2 hours before class should be ample time to cancel, and free up the spot for someone else. There is nothing worse than having an empty reformer when we know someone else wanted it (and we know you’ve noticed this too).

So we are introducing an automatic charge for ‘no-shows’ or anyone cancelling with less than 2 hours notice of the pilates class.

If you have a 10 class or drop in pass: a class will be deducted from the pass.

If you have a membership or Intro Pass: you’ll be charged a $25 ‘no-show’ fee.

You also need to know that our system won’t let you book classes without having payment details stored on file. You can add your details on your dashboard.

These changes are designed to make practicing at BodyMindLife even easier.

 We hope that’s the case.   

However, should you have any feedback or concerns… or just need some guidance, please email support@bodymindlife.com we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Or take a look at our Booking FAQs.