Mysore Intensive
2pm -5pm , Mar 11th – Mar 17th
at Bondi Beach
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Mysore Intensive

2pm -5pm , Mar 11th – Mar 17th
at Bondi Beach with Maty Ezraty & Simon Park

Mysore ~ Ashtanga Yoga is a classical method of employing a gradual systematic approach to learning and challenging yourself.

Each student will work at their own pace with teacher supervision. The Mysore room is engaging and dynamic. Maty is known for her unique approach to the Mysore system. She works to help each student find their way with the practice and is attentive to the correct alignment of the poses. She uses props when needed to facilitate greater understanding and works with common injuries. Simon Park will also be assisting this workshop.

It is recommended that students are familiar with the order of the postures but handouts will also be provided. The ultimate goal is to help students to cultivate and sustain a practice on their own.

Date: Monday, March 11th – Sunday, March 17th
Time: 2pm -5pm

This week is geared towards intermediate/advanced students who are looking to create a strong personal practice. Some familiarity with the Primary Series is required.

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