Your journey starts here

Let us take you on fascinating exploration of your mind…To a place where you’ll discover a calmer, more focused and far happier version of yourself.

This 4-week introductory course in the perfect starting place if you’re curious about Meditation or simply looking to escape the rat race for an hour each week.

What you’ll learn

There’s plenty of hands-on practice time and the opportunity to ask questions in every session.

You’ll emerge from the course with a lifechanging new habit and all the tools you need to maintain this happier, more energised version of yourself!

Week 1:

  • How Meditation can transform your life
  • Ways to create a sustainable & lifestyle-compatible practice
  • Postures and positions for Meditation

Week 2:

  • How to identify and respond to mental ‘noise’
  • Ways to let go of tension and stress in the body
  • How to incorporate more Mindfulness into your day

Week 3:

  • How to strive less yet achieve more
  • Ways to experience calm in the body, breath & mind.
  • What to do when challenges arise

Week 4:

  • What modern science knows about Meditation
  • Why Mindfulness is so crucial to wellbeing
  • How to feel less overwhelmed by life

Who should attend:

Meditation is helpful to everyone, but you’ll feel particular benefit if you:

  • Are time-poor, busy and overstretched
  • Are experiencing stress, anxiety or insomnia
  • Work in a hectic job
  • Are juggling multiple demands
  • Feel overwhelmed by life 

The magic of Meditation is its ability to create ‘breathing space’ in the chaos of our day and restore a sense of wellbeing and happiness to our lives.

About the Teacher:

You’re in good hands. Each session is led by the head of BodyMindLife’s Meditation program Andy Amos, who has been meditating for over 2 decades. Andy has studied extensively with scientist and holistic healer Doctor Reza Samvat, exploring the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, and delving into Buddhist and Hindu traditions alongside more contemporary teachers.

Andy teaches from experience, using practical and accessible tools and techniques that are easily applied to daily life.

Join our 4 week program starting 11th May