“If you can’t teach me to fly, teach me to sing” – Peter Pan

Whether your new to singing  or looking to improve your technique these classes are for you !

BodyMindLife  have launched a series of singing workshops. These special masterclasses will be led by Maria Goodwin, one of our teacher training experts and a former international soprano with more than 20 years experience in voice transformation. 

You will build confidence and  learn to express yourself, understand your voice, breathing and projection. Maria is a master in teaching technique. Most importantly you’ll meet new people and have FUN with singing.

Time: 1.45pm – 3:15pm Saturdays in Redfern | Suitable for all levels. 

With Maria’s fun, dynamic teaching style, we’ll explore all types of music – from classical and jazz to modern, pop and rocking yogic chants.  Come for the challenge and smiles, stay for the sweet harmonies.

I believe that everyone has the ability to sing. I specialise in helping students find their voice for the very first time, and exploring how more advanced students can fine-tune what they know.”

These sessions are free for BodyMindLife members or regular drop-in class fees apply. Book via the timetable!  


Maria’s bio:

A former Soprano on the international stage, Maria Timofeeva has more than 20 experience in the music industry. Following her travels around the world, Maria settled in Sydney and has become one of Australia’s leading singing teachers – coaching complete beginners to advanced professionals to hone their skills and find their true voice.

If you’re new to singing, you’ll learn how to perfect your pitch, build confidence, coordinate breathing, diction and speech, and voice projection. For more advanced students, Maria will teach you how to increase vocal range, correct coordination between breathing and singing, use the correct resonance without changing position and how to emotionally charge phrasing.

Maria also specialises in therapy for misused, damaged or stresses vocal cords, including problems in voice production – poor quality (hoarse or nasal), pitch (too high or low pitched), or intensity (loudness).

With her background in teaching a mix of classical, jazz, pop and modern music, her dynamic, entertaining style is renowned for helping students relax, have fun and find joy through song.

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