Andy Amos

Head of Meditation

Over 20 years ago in London, Andy worked for a private bank running their global trading systems. He was looking for ways to manage the stress that impacted him daily in this role when a friend introduced him to yoga - both the physical and philosophical side of the practice.

Following Andy's return to Sydney and a life-changing diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, Andy was introduced to his first teacher. It was through this meeting and Andy's subsequent training that his real journey with meditation began to unfold.

"Meditation teaches you to cut through the seemingly constant busyness of the mind, and find your essential nature. It begins to support you through bringing greater awareness to all aspects of your life. By its nature, it inspires and helps bring more purpose to your actions. Ultimately it provides a framework for personal transformation."

Andy is inspired to help people discover a path for personal transformation. The practice of meditation develops your ability to reduce the influence of external forces and build a clearer picture of who you are, and what it is you really want from life.

The only requirement is a commitment to yourself, through your practice. Andy looks forward to helping you on this journey.

Andy Amos Qualifications:

Mechanics of the Mind - 6 month training program in Metaphyics (completed three years in succession)

Discover Your Spirituality - 6 month and 12 month training programs with Dr. Reza Samvat (completed 3 times over a 5 year period)

MBSR - On-line training with Dave Potter - Alumni of the MBSR program created by Jon Kabat Zinn -University of Massachusetts Medical School

Diploma in Positive Physcology - The Langley Group Institute - In progress

B.Comm - Melbourne University

More about Andy Amos

Through 20 years of meditation practice, two main teachers have guided and supported Andy's journey of self-discovery. Through their guidance, Andy has come to understand that the answers we seek are already within us and the best teachers are those that support our own self-discovery.

Andy believes that transformation happens steadily and continually based on your efforts. He's always happy to chat and discuss how meditation might value your life - please feel free to contact him and he'll be in touch.

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