Brooke grew up barefoot and by the sea, two traits which remain distinctive of her character and way of life today. A surfer, she spends plenty of time in the ocean, a love symbiotic to her way of life in yoga.

Brooke has been taught and guided by some extraordinary teachers, yoga schools and swamis; most notably studying the ancient teachings of Tantra Yoga extensively in Thailand, which are the underpinning of her teaching style. She enjoys weaving the threads of traditional teachings into a fluid and dynamic practice to offer a slow, strong flow - a deep burn of sensory explosions, with a mellow approach.

Brooke has a dedicated practice and is constantly driven to explore and stay curious. She teaches from a place of embodied experience and has a love for speaking to the intricacies of body, energy and breath.

She is a yoga and meditation teacher, a qualified Lawyer and co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats - hosting transformative retreats around Australia and abroad.


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