Christian Ralston

Yoga Teacher

Christian teaches thoughtful and challenging yoga classes that draw on his personal experience over the years of regaining movement in a tight an injured body.

As you flow to some of the slickest yoga playlists around, you'll be guided with knowledge Christian has learned from some of today's modern yoga and movement greats - including Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Ana Forrest, Simon Park, Noah Maze, Les Levanthal, Ido Portal.

Christian is very dedicated to his own practice and is always on the look out for ways to be challenged and grow, both personally and as a teacher. Christian often spends time looking outside the yoga world to see what other forms of movement could help enhance a yoga practice and he will draw on these frequently to offer students the best and most effective experience possible.

A teacher who guides with passion and takes great pride in being as helpful as he can to all students who come to take his class and has a firm belief that anyone can bring the freedom of movement back to their body with focus, time and dedication.

Christian Ralston Qualifications:

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I absolutely love Christians classes. They are challenging and empowering at the same time. Amazing!! :)
Monika S.
Wowww was a great one, thnx Christian
Nona D.
Teddy K.
Thnx Christian was a great one
Nona D.
Dennis X.
Wowww was a great one,???
Nona D.
Amazing class!
Clara C.
Wow - i haven't done a class with you for years! Very playful and chilled but challenging!! Managed to actually get some air!
Pippa H.
Thnx Christian, was a good one????
Nona D.
Yes, Christian's classes are terrific as always and I really loved the outdoor setting!
Dhavanthi H.
Loved the beach series on demand, esp. with the gloomy weather outside. And a great class from Christian with the positive attitude - thank you!
Jessica N.
Love it!!! great to be outdoors and I love it when we get to see the teachers do the poses vs. chat to a class. Please do more of these!!!
Amy N.
Thanks Christian. Great class as always. Enjoyed the beach setting Cheers Stewart
Stewart A.
Hi Christian,hope you're doing as well as ever! Sill loving your classes and especially this outdoor one. Even though it makes me miss Sydney even more!All the best and a healthy new year!Cheers from Germany Beni
Benjamin L.
Thnx Christian, was a good challenging one???
Nona D.
Love Christian’s class. Smooth flow and full of energy!
Jessica L.
outdoor was fantastic. love more!!
Dennis X.
Loved it!!!
Chloe P.
Excellent sequence. Can you throw in a bit more core? ...and never mention who asked for it ... ;)
Lavinia R.
Thnx Christian???
Nona D.
I loved the class, very intense stretches
Karina Alejandra V.
Thank you ?
Virginia M.
Thnx Christian was an amazing one i feel so much stronger in plank
Nona D.
That was an awesome class. I love the flow sequence at the end with 1min blank bend/push-ups. Can we do the frog in the next class, please
Hayden R.
awesome as always!!!
Dennis X.
Thnx was awesome, energy flows Christian??
Nona D.
Thank you, great class ?
Virginia M.
Thnx christian enjoyed??
Nona D.
Thnx alot Christian??
Nona D.
Great class!
Diego T.
Thnx Christian it was awesome for 6Am enjoyed???
Nona D.
Thank you, certainly warmed me up today.
Virginia M.
so awesome mate. loved the outdoor setting especially as i am practicing from home in Coffsmade my sunday bro
Dennis X.
Thnx was great Christian as always..??
Nona D.
Wowwww that was awesome thnx Christian ??
Nona D.
Really enjoyed this class, very invigorating. Thanks ?
Virginia M.
Morning Christian, did it at 6am u made my day thnx??
Nona D.
awesome as usual
Dennis X.
Thanks Christian for a great class!
Yoyo P.
Great class, thanks Christian!
Thanks Christian!
Awesome class, thanks Christian!
Lauren A.
Awesome class
Hayden R.
Thanks Christian! Favourite yoga instructor, love your work!
Nadine E.
Love your classes - I’ve never done one in person and have been doing them online since COVID hit .......and I’m not sure my standards are high but definitely seeing an improvement in my hip and hamstring flexibility thank you
Tanya S.
I love this class!
Megan S.
absolutely magnificent..thank you
Dennis X.
Louise B.
superb mate!!!
Dennis X.

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