Courtenay Perks


Courtenay's classes are dynamic, challenging and strong; using a mix of both contemporary and traditional styles.

Classes are focused on alignment, flow, breath, and are most importantly, fun! Courtenay is known for her full body workouts and helping students feel empowered in their practice. A Stott Pilates trained instructor and passionate yogi, movement has always been an important part of Courtenay's life.

A mum of four beautiful children, Courtenay's own practice began as rehabilitation after experiencing multiple injuries. She fell in love with how reformer Pilates helped heal and transform her body, and has since completed formal training with master teachers Wayne Seeto and Chael Hilton, and yoga instructors Duncan Peak, Emee Dillon, Keenan Crisp and Adam Whiting. When Courtenay isn't practicing Pilates or yoga, she's probably working on a recipe for healthy chocolate tart.

Courtenay Perks Qualifications:

200hrs Vinyasa Yoga, Power Living

Stott Reformer Pilates, Merrithew

Barre Instructor Certified, At The Barre

Stott Pilates Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer, Merrithew

Stott Pilates Fitness Circle, Merrithew

Stott Pilates Mat, Strength and Mobility, Merrithew

Stott Postural Analysis, Merrithew

Ante/Post Natal Pilates Certified, Studio Pilates

Nidra Meditation, 50hrs, Zama Yoga Institute

The Art of Assisting, 30hrs, Janet Stone Yoga

Pilates Matwork, Studio Pilates