Emily J Johnson

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Since my early years, I’ve been a lover of all things fitness. What started out as mostly participating in any kind of team sport I possibly could, later turned to a passion in movement as medicine. Since taking my first Yoga class at 15, very shortly after Pilates, I realised the changes physically and mentally immediately.

I’ve taught for nearly 6 years now, taking various trainings throughout Sydney and Sri Lanka, with some of the most knowledgeable and nurturing teaches around.

I love how both modalities allow us to connect to our bodies on a deeper-then-the-surface layers and draw on the felt sense in the body, to encourage us to embrace how amazing and strong we already are and celebrating that by keeping our bodies healthy and aligned - and this is exactly how I teach!

Emily J Johnson Qualifications:

Yoga instructor

Pilates Instructor

Barre Instructor


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