A beach boy at heart, Fraser first found yoga via surfing. ‘I needed something to do when there were no waves!’ he says. Pastime quickly became passion when Fraser noticed how yoga had increased his strength and balance. 

‘I was hooked, but it was when I noticed the balance it brought to my whole life that I fell in love with yoga and wanted to share it with others.’ 

This passion led him to teacher training with Power Living. Most recent, Fraser completed a Yin Teacher Training with Mel McClaughlin from the Yin Space.  Having experienced both the Yin and the Yang, Fraser believes this is the key to balancing it all - they compliment each other.


Becoming a dad changed how he looked at the world. "Every single day offers something new. A chance to really appreciate the small things and acknowledge the wonders around us and the beauty we can create from within us"

Fraser brings an infectious enthusiasm to all his classes. There is something about his sweet Scottish accent and his calm smile, that gets you working hard deep into your practise without you even realising! He is loved because he knows how to keep it real, keep it light in amongst all the power.

 'We never stop learning with yoga. It’s when we’re on the mat that we can truly find out what we’re made of.'