Greer Adams

Yoga Teacher

Greer fell in love with the practice at her local yoga studio as a 12-year-old. Almost two decades later Greer acknowledges that the practice has become a way of life. A former dancer, Greer’s passion for yoga is deeply rooted in a love of mindful movement but also in its ability to increase an awareness of the self that rests upon a foundation of compassion and kindness. Yoga asks us to look deeply but never with eyes of judgement. It provides an environment and lens in which to foster self-love, something Greer believes we all need more of.

A dedicated student of vinyasa and hatha yoga, Greer has trained with Noelle Connolly, Adam Whiting, Daniel Aaron, Octavio Salvado and Karina Guthrie. Greer’s dynamic, alignment focussed classes are creatively sequenced to cater for all students incorporating elements of flow and strong holds so individuals can find their fullest expression of each asana.

Greer is also incredibly passionate about her teaching of yoga in schools and her fine art consultancy business as a specialist in Australian Indigenous art.


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