Ilana Hamill

Yoga Teacher

Being a mum to two small boys, Ilana understands what its like to live life a little chaotically and how important yoga is for many of us who seem to be living in a perpetual state of ‘busyness’. Not only falling in love with its physical benefits, now more than ever she is able to experience how much of an impact Yoga is having in bringing more clarity and balance into her life.

Since completing her initial yoga teacher training in Australia in 2010, she has been fortunate enough to study with the likes of Maty Ezraty, Tara Judelle, Simon Park, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Mel Mclaughlin whom very much influence her style of teaching today.

Her classes as infused with creative sequencing, music, philosophy, theming in the hope students move beyond surface level to ‘get out of their head and into their body’. Ilana classes are designed so students feel supported and inspired, inviting them to bring some joy onto the mat and grace into the practice. She believes this will enable them to reach their full potential on and off the mat.

Ilana Hamill Qualifications:

Yoga Alliance RYT-200


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