Jo W Walsh

Yoga Teacher

Jo has taught yoga in Sydney and prior to that London for 6 years. She credits her teachings to her many mentors (and teacher trainers) along the way including Noelle Connelly, Maty Ezraty, Tara Stiles, and Meditation teacher Jonni Pollard. She also trained in Yin Yoga many moons ago and loves the depth of mind that can be achieved with a quiet, yin practice. She continues to seek out teachings that stoke the yoga flame, which started burning back in her first class aged 15!

Her classes are a fluid flow of breath and movement; playful and uplifting, with an undercurrent of strength for the mind and body. She hopes to share her passion with you on the mat soon.

Jo W Walsh Qualifications:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Nicole Walsh (200hr)

The Heart of a Yoga Teacher with Maty Ezraty (150hr)

The Inspired Teacher with Blair Hughes (50hr)

Yin Yoga with Sherrie Peck (150hr)

Super Sequencing with Noelle Connelly (50hr)

Strala Ready to Lead Guide with Tara Stiles (20hr)

Meditation Training with Jonni Pollard, One Giant Mind (20hr)

The Art of Alignment and Assists with Nicole Walsh (30hr)