Laura P Peasley

Yoga Teacher

In 2014, I discovered Yoga by accident. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was anxious and suffering quite severe panic attacks. Without the language or framework to understand and express what I was going through, I never did. I felt alone in those experiences.

Practicing Yoga transformed my life. I left my first Yoga class feeling an unbelievable sense of groundedness and clarity that I hadn’t tasted in years. I couldn’t comprehend exactly what had happened but the magic of the practice revealed itself to me. I was surprised and awe-struck. My curiosity to understand coupled with the desire to access that feeling-state kept pulling me back.

I seek to access ‘the magic’ every day; the space in-between the thoughts and the remembering of the sheer miracle it is to be alive. It is this I’m most passionate about sharing; the yoga practice as the portal to journey inwards, to experience joy and revere this one precious life.

My intention is to help people slow down; to access greater balance, space and stillness. Being fascinated with the breath, I encourage students to find freedom, to move mindfully and experience the bliss of simply being.

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The only thing I've accomplished today is this great class, and I'm ok with that. Thanks Laura!
Amy J.
Wowww was amazing thnx Laura???
Nona D.
Lovely Laura, THANKS!
Jo T.
Laura is the best!
Amazing class Laura! Thank you so much
Clara C.
surreptitious Laura!
Jo T.
thanks Laura!
Jo T.
Lovely Laura!
Jo T.
I loved this class, thank you!
Clara C.
Laura rocks!
Jo T.
A beautifully instructed flow from Laura - slow, grounded and energising.
Alexis F.
That was great. Thank you !
Ruth E.
Lovely thank you. An enjoyable practice live streamed. Sound clear, warm up good, challenging but peaceful. Thanks!
Megan S.
thanks beautiful Laura, loved this flow xx
Helen M.
Laura manages to combine energy and calmness in this afternoon flow. Really clear verbal cues; I didn’t need to look at the screen much at all.
Janine G.
I love it! great rhythm! perfect level for me!
Luena M.
Amazing class! Thanks Laura :-)
Lauren A.
Beautiful class, thank you!
Clara C.
I am often very hesitant with trying new classes with yoga instructors I am not familiar with. This was my first class with Laura and I am very happyI did her class. It was amazing! A very good flow. I hope that Laura will be streaming online again soon!
Eliza N.
Fantastic to have Laura back!! Amazing, invigorating, cleansing practice as always! Thank you.
Quang T.
Hi Laura, My first live video lesson and it was great thank you. Its good to be able to hear every word with the earbuds.I hope that this session will be added to the library so that I can repeat the session.Thank youMarius
Marius F.
Thanks so much for a great class Laura Xx
Preet B.

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