Laura has always been fascinated with physical movement and its effect on her state of being. Four years ago, she was drawn to yoga as a reprieve from her office job and a means of exercise. She quickly fell in love with all aspects of the practice and the sense of coming home it provides. What began as a lunch-time obsession has started a lifelong journey. Now, Laura wants to help people find balance, space and stillness and encourage them to reawaken to their sensing bodies and inner wisdom. By linking movement with breath, she encourages students to find freedom and flow mindfully.



That was great. Thank you !
Ruth E.
Lovely thank you. An enjoyable practice live streamed. Sound clear, warm up good, challenging but peaceful. Thanks!
Megan S.
thanks beautiful Laura, loved this flow xx
Helen M.
Laura manages to combine energy and calmness in this afternoon flow. Really clear verbal cues; I didn’t need to look at the screen much at all.
Janine G.
I love it! great rhythm! perfect level for me!
Luena M.
Amazing class! Thanks Laura :-)
Lauren A.
Beautiful class, thank you!
Clara C.
I am often very hesitant with trying new classes with yoga instructors I am not familiar with. This was my first class with Laura and I am very happyI did her class. It was amazing! A very good flow. I hope that Laura will be streaming online again soon!
Eliza N.
Fantastic to have Laura back!! Amazing, invigorating, cleansing practice as always! Thank you.
Quang T.
Hi Laura, My first live video lesson and it was great thank you. Its good to be able to hear every word with the earbuds.I hope that this session will be added to the library so that I can repeat the session.Thank youMarius
Marius F.
Thanks so much for a great class Laura Xx
Preet B.

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