Lucy Roberts

Yoga Teacher

Lucy is a Yoga teacher, life coach, mother, & eternal student, with a dedicated Yoga & meditation practice of more than 20 years. Her style is fluid, feminine, intuitive, and creative, informed by the devotional arts & attitudes of Bhakti Yoga, the non-dual teachings of Advaita & Self Inquiry, and the beautiful Buddhist teachings of Radical Compassion.

Lucy trained & apprenticed with Louisa Sear of Yoga Arts, and later spent more than a decade as part of the Yoga Arts faculty delivering Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings internationally.

Now based in Byron Bay, she teaches regular classes, as well as local & international retreats, workshops, & online courses.

Lucy's classes are an invitation to greater awareness, and the gentle tending of body, mind, and heart, where all of Life is the path.

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