Mandy's yoga journey started 10 years ago at the Great Wall of China when her path crossed with a travelling yoga teacher from Canada. It wasn't long after landing back in her then home of London, she started exploring every studio in town. Practicing all over the world, her return to Australia lead her to her first Vinyasa Yoga class in Sydney. Inspired by the many beautiful teachers she met, and excited to share yoga with everyone around her, it wasn't long before she received her 200hr certification, training with Nicole Walsh in 2012, Baron Baptiste in 2013 and Melanie McLaughlin in 2014.

It may have all started with the hot and sweaty likes of Bikram Yoga, but it's the nurturing and introspective qualities of Yin, and the flowing quality of Vinyasa that have captured her heart. Mandy's goal to make yoga accessible to everyone, especially as an antidote for our busy urban lives, is achieved with her down to earth approach to teaching, and genuine belief that we need to slow down and ground first, in order to create a balanced life.

Always quick to pack a bag and explore the world in search of something new, yoga became the true north she was looking for, without the need to go anywhere other than within. Let the journey continue.