Mardi has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. Gaining qualifications in Psychology and Health Science at University and progressed to further studies in Exercise Science. She then attained her Fitness Leaders qualifications and became a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. She went on to work in the field of corporate wellness which solidified her passion for the promotion of public health, fitness and wellbeing.

Mardi was first introduced to pilates in 1999 and immediately noticed the immense benefits and therefore began initial pilates studies in Sydney in 2000.

Taking a break to travel the world as a flight attendant and become a mother of two, she returned to her love of group fitness and completed her Xtend Barre and Polestar Reformer Pilates qualifications.

Mardi aims to provide clients with a challenging and varied workout with a focus on form, posture and developing strength.


Thnx for the class i needed it
Nona D.
Mardi, is there any chance you could start recording longer classes (45min?) 30 min goes so quick! Thank you!
Anna M.
enjoyed it! I sweat a lot
Montserrat Z.
Such a nice class! Fun and challenging, just what I needed!
Clara C.
Thanks, loved the suggestions for extra stretches at the end
Virginia M.
Hi Mardi,Thanks for being such a great instructor. I do your excercies on a regular basis and I think that you are an asbolute star!One thing that I would like to comment is that it would be good to include a bit more warm up for the knees to prepare us for deep squats. Thsi is particularly important especially if you start the class with exercises that put pressure on the knees (and the knees haven been warmed up yet). Not having enogh warm up might cause pain to some people with knee issues ( I am not even talking about serious injuries).I hope that helps.Thanks
Tsvetelina N.
YEs Thank you Mardi!!
Montserrat Z.
yes! Thanks a lot
Montserrat Z.
Enjoyed the bands on the mat class!
Melinda S.
Sudeep B.
B S.
Thanks Mardi - boxing day morning. Just finished this class - heart rate definitely raised. Great to have you leading us through on the www.
Renee H.
Loved the traditional work thanks Mardi
Rebecca N.
it was my first class with bodymindlife after my good friend recommended it to me! lovely class!thank you!
Katarina B.
Hi there,The sound on this video was really bad. Unable to do this class.Usually love Mardi's classes.Thanks so much Judy
Judy S.
great workout!
Sudeep B.
thank you x
Emma C.
Great class, thanks Mardi!P.S feedback for the studio: Can we please have more mat classes available on line- there is about 20 HITT classes available and only one 30 matt class. Thank you so much
Anna M.
Excellent class, thanks ?
Virginia M.
Great class. I can't feel my legs! ha ha x
Emma C.
It was really sad to have our last early morning class with Mardi. It’s a great class. Mardi Is always consistent and pushes you. Jenny
Jenny W.
great class, right level, good mix
Linh T.
Great class, total leg burn!
Natasha A.
Thanks, good class
Virginia M.
thanks Mardi!
Jane J.
loved Mardi's energy :)
BodyMindLife Teacher .
Great class
Natasha A.
Anna-Mateja D.
Anna-Mateja D.
Great class! Thank you!
Anna M.
lovely class
Katya F.
it’s my second time trying Mardi’s class and I love the creativity she puts in to make her classes interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Thanks Mardi!
Jenny D.
Thanks Mardi. Great leg burn!
Emma C.
I absolutely loved this class Mardi. We need slow and control classes! I sweat so much and even got the shakes at one point. Thank you for teaching us how to best move. Your technique and cues are excellent :)
Raquel Z.
Love this class. I've done it about 5 times now!
Christine T.
Perfect quick pilate session, thanks
Tiffanie R.
Anna M.
great class!!
Sudeep B.
Great class. Feeling the burn
Natasha A.
Thanks Mardi, always enjoy your classes.
Jane J.
Thankyou! Im pretty sure my legs will be robots tomorrow after that strong class!!
Emma C.
Sophia F.
Hi MarnieThanks for the class.Teaching fro home this week.Wollongong on Friday
Ruth E.
Needed that! gentle stretches and challenging our core. I really enjoy it. Maybe wear different colours than black because it can get hard to see with a small device, it all blends with the mat. thank you :)
Raquel Z.
Loved that class! thank you!
Carina W.
Love your class and very clear instruction ??
Lisa Z.
Great band class. Loved it Mardi. Made my day
Claire C.
Really effective class – loved the use of bands and balance work. booty is burning! I used weights and bands for the arms and could feel it immediately. More classes like this one! Thank you Mardi.
Raquel Z.
Love x

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