Mark teaches a variety of styles including vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. With a background in fitness, he has been teaching exercise for 25 years, making the move across to include yoga in 2018.

His classes fuse together a combination of yoga styles to create a functional flow that will develop strength and mobility through all planes of movement. You can expect an alignment-focused flow, arm balances, deep stretches and meditation

"The intention behind my classes is to have people moving and thinking differently each time they arrive on the mat. An emphasis is placed on how the body moves through the postures and how that affects the body energetically, and to have people leaving the class feeling like they have connected with their body, feeling clear minded and centred.

What I love about the practice is that there is so much one can learn about themselves, physically and mentally, and when we tune-in to the subtleties of our body and mind, it truly is transformational.

What I love about teaching is seeing people develop and improve on all levels of physical ability, learning about how their body and mind work, and seeing those energetical shifts that lead people down the path of their unfolding truth."

• YogaFit Training Systems 100h
• Sivananda Yoga & Vedanta India 200hr
• Yin Yoga Woke Yoga Studio 50hr
• Philosophy and Theming BML 50hr

"I am grateful for all the opportunities and mentors I have had over the years in fitness and yoga. Ultimately, life experience will be our greatest teacher, as we can only learn what we are ready to see, and every step on the journey is preparing us for the next learning."


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