Having danced all her life, been a gym fanatic and studied physical education as a school teacher, health and well being has always been a big part of Megan’s life. An opportunity to explore pilates presented itself and there was no turning back.
Her career started in South Africa in a commercial studio with fully comprehensive equipment. When her children arrived, a new focus on Matwork took shape. It allowed flexibility to be a passionate trainer and a dedicated mum.

Over the last 10 years Megan re trained under a mentor, moved to Australia, and is actively teaching studio and reformer pilates. She has helped many wonderful trainers reach their goals, has Xtend Barre accreditation and is an APMA member.
Megan believes pilates is the most organic form of practice for the body and mind. As our bodies change to both the good and bad influences around us, Pilates can accommodate these changes in the most beneficial  way. This leads to a well balanced, strong and flexible body.
You can always expect a holistic, well rounded class, working to your full potential but allowing for any limitations.
“Pilates is a journey, enjoy the ride”


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