Mel McLaughlin from the ‘The yin space’ - has been practicing, teaching and experiencing all that yoga, meditation and pranayama have to offer since a lengthy sojourn in India 19 yrs ago.

She has trained with some of the worlds most respected teachers of yoga, energetics and bodywork including Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Acupuncture with Dr.Daniel Keown, and Qi Gong with Robert Peng – and now includes all of this knowledge & experience into her own Yin Yoga
teacher trainings and workshops Australia wide and throughout Europe.

Melanie has a background in dance and
bodywork, which lends itself naturally to the flow and movement of asana yoga and an understanding of body mechanics. She is deeply curious about the energetic and esoteric having studied with Paul Balch, Kevin Farrow and includes this in her teachings with the belief we cannot address one body without the other.

Mel believes and has personally experienced Yoga and meditation to be great tools to ground us against the stresses of everyday life, release
trauma and re-align to our most natural joyous selves, and enjoys facilitating this transformation
in other beautiful humans through her chosen modalities of teaching students for the last 18 years.


Mel is the Master of Yin and her class has it all, relaxation, meditation, and re-eneregization....Mel is lovely, warm, caring and always tries to help students to achieve the best of Yin. I love Mel class greatly ? I could see the great transformation and feel refresh and reeneregized after the Yin practice with Mel.
Angel H.

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