Mindi Burji

Pilates Instructor

Mindi came to the Pilates and Yoga worlds from an interesting journey - dance photography! He was a dance competition photographer for seven years, and became interested in the conditioning methods the competitors used for their training - with many turning to yoga and Pilates.

Being a bit of a philosophical type, yoga came naturally to Mindi (he's a yogi at heart), but as a self-professed nerd with a creative side, Mindi became fascinated with Pilates and the science behind it.

Mindi teaches strong but functional Pilates classes, using techniques that students can transfer into their daily lives for practical health. He often plays around with unconventional ideas so students can enjoy the feeling of "putting things together" - combining movements and theory so they can feel their bodies evolving. Nothing makes Mindi happier than seeing his students grow and watching their smiles as they achieve new things!

The dreamy, esoteric yogi in Mindi means he focuses on the Pilates principles of control but also touches on the yogic principles of softening and release. With this, his teachings offer a complementary balance of the outer and inner body for a total sense of wellbeing.

Mindi Burji Qualifications:

BodyMindLife Living Yoga 280 Hours

STOTT Pilates Intensive Reformer - IR

STOTT Pilates Intensive Mat-Plus u2013 IMP

STOTT Pilates Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels u2013 ICCB


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