Noelle Connolly

Head of Yoga

Noelle has a boundless curiosity for the practice, and is constantly driven to explore. She has a deep passion for inversions, harnessing the subtleties of the energetic body to defy gravity and move fluidly through space. Noelle’s classes are strong, creative and intelligently sequenced. Created to engage, refine and inspire, they are set to a background of meticulously curated music. She likes her students to leave class feeling informed, empowered and rejuvenated.

Noelle Connolly Qualifications:

Yoga Alliance / Yoga Australia

More about Noelle Connolly

Noelle Connolly has always been an athlete. A Philadelphia native, former Boston Terrier Field Hockey player and graduate of Boston University, she took her first yoga class in 2002, and fell in love with the practice – mentally, physically and spiritually.

A passionate and dedicated teacher, Noelle gives her all to her students. She feels honoured and blessed to take the knowledge learned from her teachers and mentors – including Maty Ezraty, Joan Hyman and Simon Park – and share it in an authentic way.

“I hope to forever continue learning, about the asana and about myself. Yoga’s ability to ground and centre me, combined with an endless thirst for knowledge, pulls me back to the practice again and again.” Noelle Connolly

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Super Sequencing with Noelle Connolly September 2021

16th September

Take a deep dive into the art and science of sequencing! Hosted by our Head of Yoga Noelle Connolly, you’ll learn wave sequencing and how to theme and build towards peak poses.

200 Hour Full Time Yoga Teacher Training October 2021 Surry Hills

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Super Sequencing with Noelle Connolly November 2021

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thank you for a fabulous class, love your dedication mixed with a childlike way of being
dominique f.
More Noelle's classes please!
Joe C.
Thank you for a great class!
Clara C.
Thank you! Also please post bloopers reel.
Great classes!
Daisy L.
Thnx Noelle was a great one???
Nona D.
Thank you Noelle. Great to see you back online!
Lynne S.
Thank you beautiful girl. Watching you in your class it’s inspiring. One day I will move with your fluidity ??
Ana G.
Loved it. Thanks!
Amazing Class, like always! SO challenging for me - in the best way of the word 'Challenging'. Love how you always get me to push outside my comfort zone! Have a lovely Week!
Raphaela B.
Great strength building class. Thank you Noelle :)
Lynne S.
Dennis X.
Titibasana.. one of my fave poses! Excellent strength class.. Thank you Noelle :)
Lynne S.
Ruth E.
Thanks so much for a beautiful class Noelle! I never get in fast enough to your studio classes so I'm stoked you're running them online - your classes are truly saving me during this time x
Sarah N.
awesome Noelle!! thank you
Dennis X.
Henry J.
I Love Noelles Classes! They always allow me to become a closer, more loving understanding of my body. And they challenge me to go places I would usually like to avoid. Thank you so much Noelle, for sharing your amazing practice with us, alls around the world! Much love!
Raphaela B.
Thank you Noelle! A great class. It is good to see you back online.
Lynne S.
THANK YOU NOELLE! Absolutely loved that class, as per usual. Queen.
Rachel B.
Thanks Noelle! The urge to snack and take a break is certainly true! Would love some more classes working on upper body tension releasing.
Lizzy R.
The best teacher ever <3
Diego R.
Amazing class, thank you Noelle <3
Clara C.
A really relaxing class from Noelle today. A perfect way to wind up my day.
Eliza N.
LOVE IT!!! Beautiful and powerful as always
Joe C.
That was an impressively well designed class. Quite a bit above my level, but the warmup was good and gentle, and I was happy to go along and do as much as I could and rest or do other stretches in the advanced sections. Sound was great. Thank you!
Megan S.
Awesome class as usual! Thanks for your positivity Noelle - love your humour!
Katharina P.
Loved it as always, thanks Noelle!
Tallulah B.
Thank you Noelle for a firey practice!
Lynne S.
OMgosh Noelle I did your class this morning and for the first time in almost 58 years I achieved an unsupported head stand (chatauranga arms). Don't think I'll live another 58 to achieve head stand!Thank you, namasteLee (Kirrawee studio)
Lee P.
Thank you Noelle for the fun, challenging, binding class! I loved it x
Deborah P.
Thank you for an inspirational and fresh class, loved it!
Kristy F.
Noelle, you are amazing! You continue to inspire me 9,000 miles away. Be well. Gina Felice,Philly
Gina F.
Enjoyed the class, thanks Noelle
Melinda S.
loooved this class, thanks Noelle!x
Helen M.
Thank you Noelle. Great class. Love titibasana :D
Lynne S.
Hi NoelleI turn 58 this year and have dreadful knees from years of running and sport so find quite a few of the poses next to impossible. But it's always fun trying and laughing at myself - or just watching and shaking my head in amazement. I'm a member at Kirrawee and can't wait till it reopens but the online has kept me sane throughout this whole time.Thankyou
Lee P.
Lovely flow! Thanks Noelle
Kristin W.
Noelle Thank you for another great class of precision yoga. Namatse.Lionel Wong
Lionel W.
Loved your class again, thank you x!
Deborah P.
A bit short
Deanne C.
Dear Noelle, I know you sometimes mention how much you can't wait to get back to normal classes, which I totally understand, but I just thought I'd let you know that your online classes have been the unexpected upside of Covid for me! I moved out of Sydney a month before Covid, and BML yoga was the thing I knew I'd miss most (apart from my friends and the ocean!). And then boom, Covid hits, BML goes online and my life is complete again! So thank you for persevering with online streaming, with love from someone who hopes that Covid goes away but BML online does not!
Amy J.
Not a full 90 min class... so no
Roxana P.
Enjoyed very very much.I'd like to read more of Richards quotes. Are they available online?
Ruth E.
Absolutely wonderful hip class with long holds.
Marie-Helene G.
Loved yoga chill flow! Yin is a little too slow for me but this is a lovely balance with a more flowy class. Noelle is wonderful. It’s a total privilege to watch her classes live and on demand. Been the blessing of quarantine. Please keep doing these!
Shehana W.
alway like your class
Lynn Y.
Thank you Noelle, I loved your class!!
Deborah P.
Thank you, good class.
Virginia M.
Wonderful class, thank you! Greetings from Copenhagen <3
Clara C.

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