Rebecca Lockyer

Rebecca’s classes – both Yoga and Reformer Pilates – are heavily inspired by the ‘Flow State’, a sensation she loves from years of being a professional dancer. Her intention is to get you from one moment to the next so effortlessly you don’t realise how you got there, or how hard you actually worked! Her approach to the practice, as the mother of a small child, is to be here in the moment, for yourself, so you can serve others.

Expect to be impassioned by fluid movement, breath, form and alignment in Rebecca’s classes, whether working hard to great music in Reformer class or getting lost in the flow state in Yoga.

Rebecca Lockyer Qualifications:

Upcoming Events with Rebecca Lockyer

Online MasterClass

Bec Lockyer Long Lean Lines of the Body MasterClass

21st October

Join Bec for a MasterClass focused on lengthening all planes of the body. Sweat, stretch and strengthen with this full body flow designed to improve posture and garner greater awareness of our physical being.


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