Robbie Baldwin

Yoga Teacher

"If you are meant to be on the yoga mat, something will pull you there."

Robbie was drawn to yoga in his teenage years and began to practice regularly following the death of his mother in his mid-20s. For Robbie, yoga brings deep healing, peace and profound joy, and he believes we're drawn to different yoga styles depending on what we need in our lives.... "follow your bliss" he says.

In the beginning, Robbie practiced classical (Satyananda) yoga then moved into flow (vinyasa, Jivamukti and ashtanga) and restorative (yin). Now he loves to play on the mat and build strength! His focus right now is on Forrest Yoga and body weight training. He loves neuroscience, psychology and anatomy but is also fascinated by the energy systems (nadis and meridians) and Ayurveda (Indian medicine). Robbie has also studied lower pain (sciatica and piriformis syndrome) and nutrition.

Robbie Baldwin Qualifications:

Diploma Yogic Studies - Satyananda Yoga Academy Mangrove Ashram

Yin Teacher Training - Sarah Powers

Samadhi Teacher Training - Katie Manitsas

Body work and Hands on Assists - Forrest Yoga, Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell

Forrest Yoga Immersion - Sinhee McCabe

Yoga Anatomy - Judith Lasater

Yoga and your back - Donna Farhi


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