Sam B Belyea

Yoga Teacher and Management Team

Always fascinated by the human experience and the very nature of existence Sam has transversed through many realms of experiential training, esoteric explorations and academic study, which has developed into a profound passion for psycho-somatic-soul integration and living life in deep conversation with nature.

Having practiced yoga and meditation for over 12 years, the weaving of breath, movement, contemplation and meditation has been a solace in her own healing and revealed a potent path for empowerment.

Sam’s classes are rich and explorative yet playful, threading somatic movement with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. Known for her slow and soul-full teaching style she holds space for students to journey into their own rhythms and embodiment, as gateways to delight in their own empowerment and awakening. 

In this way she feels the practice is a call to come home to ourselves and our original intimacy with the deeper currents and conversations of life.

Sam B Belyea Qualifications:

500 Hour Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons

100 Hour Embodied Flow Yin with Scott Lyons & Satu Tuomela

100 Hour Depth - Yin & Yang with Satu Tuomela

35 Hour Foundations of Somatic Stress Release with Scott Lyons

30 Hour Meditation Training with Dr. Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine

10 Hour Radiance Sutras Vinyasa with Dr. Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine

50 Hours Super Sequencing with Noelle Connelly

100 Hour The Heart of a Yoga Teacher with Maty Ezraty

25 Hour The Teacher Within with Maty Ezraty

25 Hour Essential Tools for Teaching Flow with Simon Park

60 Hours Towards Stillness Yin Power Living Australia

25 Hours Advanced Assisting Power Living Australia

200 Hour YTT Power Living Australia


Yay jellyfish! thanks Sam!
Joyce W.
I ended up in the garden of eden this morning after your class. Thank you so much Sam!
Yingna L.
Sam I miss your classes so muchI am so so happy I have you online.I used to go every Wednesday to her classes. Now living in Byron. But at least I have her onlineI LOVE HER CLASSES :-)
Maria D.
So nourishing thanks Sam :)
Joyce W.
Thank you! I didnt know I could do a full bind twisted lunge :D I didnt carry me all the way to twisted bird of paradise. But this is a good reason to play the class again :) Thank you
Marie-Pauline D.
So beautiful thanks Sam!
Joyce W.
It was such a pleasure to practice with you again.Miss youOlive
Kanjana P.
Sam B always nails the perfect balance of re-energising and relaxing in her classes. Thank you for practice!
Amy G.
Great class thanks Sam. Very chill an loved the flow. x
Emma C.
Beautiful strong flow! Thanks Sam
Robyn G.
Beautiful as always Sam
Robyn G.
Great class thanks Sam!
Yingna L.
Thanks Sam, that was exactly what I needed!
class was great until the video got cut off before the class ended.
Julia C.
perfect class as always Sam! Didn't want it to end <3
emily f.
Magnificent sequencing Sam!!! Best start to my day x
Yingna L.
Such a beautiful flow feeling all the yum, thanks Sam xx
Helen M.
Amazing. Thank you !!
Ruth E.
A thoughtful creative flow!
Megan B.
Hey sam, another beautiful class! Just wanted to say thanks for all the classes over lockdown. They're keeping me sane and chill. So powerful your teachings. Love Charlotte!
Charlotte R.
Paris L.
so great Sam! Thank you for allowing us to get to the tadasanas/DFDs in my own time. Super creative sequence :) The long lizard lunge with the arms outstretched tested me :)
Yingna L.
Beautiful balance of stira and suka x
Robyn G.
So good!!! THANK YOU <3
Clara C.
Beautiful class, exactly what I needed. Thank you <3
Alisha V.
amazing class as always
Robyn G.
Yes my name is Scout ?
Melissa G.
Loved it
Katharine S.
best class EVER!
Anthea C.
always a beautiful practice with Sam <3
Robyn G.
Thank you for the grounding practice Sam :)
Joyce W.
Absolutely blissed out after this practice. Your classes always take me to a deeper inner peace. Thank you for your radiant vibes, Sam!
Dear Sam, I had the pleasure to practice with your guidance during this online-classes-era and couldn't be more happy. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met you : ) Thank You Thank You Thank You for your beautiful energy, for your offerings to us students and the practice itself, for your authenticity, Thank You. Love your classes. Much love, Noelia xx
Noelia T.
Beautiful flow - thanks Sam! X
Ashleigh W.
Amazing class as always with Sam! She has the perfect flow tempo for me. Also, always has awesome playlists and insightful knowledge. From doing Sam's class regularly in Potts Point when living in Sydney two years ago. Its really good to be back again and her online classes are almost as good as in person!
Eliza N.
Sam,I simply looove your classes! But this one was next level. Thank, thanks,thanks!
Maria D.

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