Sam has always had a long standing passion for movement so it was the physical aspect of the Yoga practice that initially captured her attention. However it was a deep resonance with the traditional teachings and philosophy that kept drawing her back to her mat. Movement infused with breath soon became the anchor in her life, which touched her in a way she had never experienced before - for the first time she had an experience of space and stillness.

Inspired deeply by her teachers Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons and Noelle Connolly, Sam teaches light-hearted, playful classes that weave in creative and thoughtful sequencing with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. She believes the yoga practice, in all its shapes and forms, is a exquisite landing pad to explore our inner and outer workings and encourages curiosity in her students to discover their own embodiment.  Sam offers an inclusive space for all students to slow down and move with conscious awareness so the practice becomes a call to come home to themselves. In this way she feels the practice ultimately unlocks a place inside all of us that is inextricably bound yet inexplicably free.