Three and a half years ago something happened that would drastically change the course of my life forever? i stepped into a yoga studio.

At the time I was looking for something to compliment my weight training, and had no idea what to expect from yoga. It was hard, hot and I had no idea what half the words meant, but at the end of the practice I felt a sense of euphoria which I?d not yet experienced.

At the time I wasn?t sure what it was but I knew I wanted to experience it again. From that day on I haven?t looked back.

As my fascination and obsession with yoga grew, my weight training was outshined by my new obsession. Whether its learning new asana, cultivating pranayama techniques or diving deeper into yogic philosophy I find myself discovering and learning much more about myself each day. Being able to push and challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually all at once is truly incredible.

With 250hr Teacher Training experience, I have amassed well over 1000 hours practical teaching experience in my first 12 months of teaching.

Along with photoshoots with world renowned clothing brand LuLuLemon and franchise Yogabar. I have also been lucky enough to teach at Australias two biggest Yoga juggernaut companies; Powerliving & Bodymindlife.

My biggest inspirations in the world of Yoga would have to be Patrick Beach & Dylan Werner, both of which I have been lucky enough to learn from. Their culmination of strength, grace & knowledge is something I constantly aspire to, and their world class hand balancing expertise has ignited a fire in me I'm sure will never go out.

Yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of life? my way of life, which i wish to share with the world.


Thanks a mil! Enjoyed the class. :)
Angela G.
Some tough postures today, need abs of steel ?
Virginia M.
THanks Sam for a great reminder of the sun salutations
Jo T.
Appreciate how Sam taught the foundation of yoga with clarity. Enjoy the class! Thank you.
Tim C.
Such a great class! I didn't want to go to the studio today since it's raining cats and dogs outside. This class felt like we were in the studio with Sam receiving all the benefits of an in-person class. Loved using the blocks, working on twists, and the uber-relaxing ending. Thank you!
Michelle E.
Ive done sun salutations for years, but I've never paid too much attention. This was an outstanding class to learn the positions properly. Thank you. I really enjoyed
Justin K.
Virginia M.
Excellent as always
Justin K.
Thank you, lovely to meet you. ?
Virginia M.
Great class, have done many of Sam's classes but his essential serious classes have been the best. Such clear descriptions of each movement and position, very calm and thorough. I really enjoyed it
Justin K.
Thanks Sam. You made every pose easy to understand. I’ve taken a break and come back and even though I know these poses well, you gave me little things to work on.
Megan C.
Great session Sam. Thank you.
Shelley N.
Thanks Sam, such a lovely class.
Melinda S.
Thank you ?
Virginia M.
Thanks Sam, great class. Feeling so much more relaxed and energised
Michelle S.
great sequencing! thank you!
Ingrid Z.
Loved the class, my body feels great. Thank you!!
Ines M.
SamAwesomeFirst home sessionSee you at kirraweeMick
Michael C.
Hi Sam!! That was super fun- thank you as always! :) I have a question about Galavasana that I was hoping you could answer! When I first learned it, I was instructed to have the bent knee pointed down towards the ground, as opposed to the figure 4 shape. This honestly is the only way I've been able to get into it; if I try to do it with figure 4, my shin presses directly into my humerus, or pinches my triceps. It feels impossible to put any weight into it (like pain, not discomfort). My question is, do you feel like anatomically this would be bad for my knee to practice it this way? I'm not sure if you see my email through this- if not, it's I would super appreciate your input if you see this! All my best! And Happy New Year ?
Heather S.
Thanks Sam for sharing your energy and for challenging me.
Jurate R.
Thank you Sam!! That was so fun and challenging. Happy holidays ?
Heather S.
Great class! Perfect balance of movement and breathing with challenging transitions
Karina Alejandra V.
absolutely awesome as always!!
Dennis X.
Yay! Thanks for offering dolphin and forearm wheel- they're a couple of my favorites ? Thanks as always!
Heather S.
Thanks Sam! :)
Heather S.
I did a (very clumsy) EKP on both sides today!! ? Thanks again for challenging me, and for your humor!
Heather S.
Thanks for another wonderful class!! :)
Heather S.
Happy , challenging and balanced essentials class Educational and enjoyable , thank you Sam
Dean S.
That kicked my butt ? thank you for challenging me today! More videos please!!
Heather S.
A well-rounded practice, with every action and pose chosen intentionally, cued thoughtfully, and intelligently built towards deep physical and mental experiences.
Mischa V.
Yay! Thank you so much Sam :) This was my first class with you, and that was the closest I've ever gotten to Eka Pada Koudinyasana!
Heather S.
Thnx Sam enjoyed??
Nona D.
Thnx for class??
Nona D.
awesome Sam!
Dennis X.
great class--well paced and a challenge as always
Dan B.
Sam is great. Love the class,
Daisy L.
I haven't been able to make your classes are Surry Hills. So stoked you're online, great class Sam!
Sarah N.
Excellent pace and flow, thank you Sam!
Tim C.
Loved it!
Megan S.
Dennis X.
Thanks Sam - great class - strong!
oh no, was loving this class but it cuts off at 37mins :(
Alyssa A.
no end
Ezgi E.
class was only 37 mins long - taping stopped - not a good experience. Was supposed to be a 1 hour class.
lisa h.
The livestream ended nearly 20 mins early at 4.57pm -not sure why...?
Megan S.
Sam did well with teaching bird of paradise! Took time to teach how to get into the pose! My first time getting into the pose successfully while practising from home.
Sudeep B.
thanks Sam! cool class.
geraldine l.
Do like your practices Sam! Hope to see you in studio soon.K
Kaye H.
Sam - great class as usual -Michael C

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