Sarah A Andrijcich

Yoga Teacher

Sarah's yoga teaching is informed by the discipline of ballet and the freedom of contemporary dance. Creatively intuitive, she gifts her students with the space to shift from thought into feeling.

Inspired by nature and the process of spiritual exploration, her classes are slow and strong, rhythmic and fluid, woven with threads from her teachers Noelle Connolly, Simon Park, Maty Ezraty and Meghan Currie.

While grounded in structure, Sarah infuses her teaching with a wide open flow and surprising sequencing that allows for a release from expectation and trust in the possibilities of the unknown.

In 2019, she assisted her teacher Simon Park on his 300HR Training in the French Alps, and then again for a number of 50HR module trainings in Europe later that year.

Sarah is a yoga teacher and photographer.

Sarah A Andrijcich Qualifications:

RYS 200-Hour Exquisite Metamorphosis with Meghan Currie and Nico Luce

RYS 50-Hour Super Sequencing with Noelle Connolly at BodyMindLife

RYS 100-Hour Heart of a Teacher with Maty Ezraty at BodyMindLife

RYT 50-Hour Tantra ParaYoga Training with Rod Stryker

RYT 50-Hour Yoga Nidra ParaYoga Training with Rod Stryker


External hip rotation - killer! Such a great class Sarah, thank you
Yingna L.
Thanks sarah a lovely chill class x
Emma C.
Beautiful class Sarah! I just was a bit confused a few times as to exactly what poses we were doing since I couldn't see you at the front of the class. We made it work, but otherwise it was a lovely class!! I hope that's helpful!
Helena K.
Wasn't full recording of class....
Michelle S.
Thanks so much Sar for keeping me grounded at home. Gorgeous class - have a lovely break and see you soon!
Sarah N.
This class invited me to move in the slowest and most considered way in a long time - thank you so much, I loved it xx
Tate M.
Beautiful sequence. Thank you
Vanessa W.
A strong class, with every movement and position having intention and physical intelligence.
Mischa V.
Sarah leads us through beautifully measured and mindful flows, so we can focus on strength, expansion and alignment, whilst still being present with our breath. I am always overcome with stillness following Sarah's classes.
Mischa V.
Such an amazing flow/sequence, I loved it.
Jessica C.
Thank you Sarah I liked the class a lot. Lots of juicy deep work on the hips. Just what I need to counter all the sitting in front of the screen. Karen
Karen L.
Sarah Great class . Picked up any many new moves esp the one from downward dog to upward dog sinking the pelvic to the floor . Catch u sometime live in class. Lionel Wong , Home Yogi. Namatse
Lionel W.
Sarah A is a shining light. Her classes feel like a soulful slow dance. Utterly joyous. She’s super sweet and a lovely personality too.
Shehana W.
Thankyou Sarah, that was a beautiful flow to start my day! <3
Petronella v.

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