With a strong foundation in traditional pilates training and a love for a more athletic style of Pilates, Sasha's classes are dynamic and creative with a focus both on correct form and dynamic sequences. She ensures clients move with precision and control while keeping her classes light and enjoyable. Her aim is to have clients leave the class feeling energised, proud and inspired.

Sasha has been practising pilates since she was a teenager doing Pilates videos on the bedroom floor. Since then, Pilates has completely transformed how Sasha views her body and has healed her relationship with herself. She wants everyone to experience the joy of feeling in-tune and in love with their body and she firmly believes that the mind-body connection that Pilates nurtures helps foster this self-acceptance.

Sasha began teaching pilates while studying architecture at University in 2012. In 2014, Sasha developed adrenal fatigue due to stress and overworking and found herself sick and tired. Unable to work for extended hours at a time, Sasha continued to teach Pilates - a role that she thought would only last until her body recovered and she could resume corporate work. 6 years later and Sasha never returned to corporate work. She loves being able to connect with, inspire and strengthen clients on a daily basis and loves the community of students that she teaches.


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