Yannick Soyez

Yoga Teacher
Yannick Soyez Qualifications:

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching

More about Yannick Soyez

Yannick is originally from Berlin, Germany but relocated with his local partner and found a home here. Apart from being a yoga teacher, he is a proud father of 2 children, passionate surfer and a holistic wellness coach.

From a young age he had a keen enthusiasm for exploring his bodies limits, which led him to explore weightlifting, triathlons, crossfit and boxing. He soon started noticing imbalances in his body, problems with posture and something just didn't feel quite right.

Even though he grew up with his mother practicing meditation and yoga around him, he didn't feel drawn to the practice himself until his early 20's. It was the physical aspect of finding balance and a more gentle way to exercise his body that originally brought him to Yoga. In Yoga he found something that would encourage him into a nurturing relationship with his body. He had to learn to listen to his needs and adjust his practice to his personal limitations. This was just the beginning of his journey into Yoga and since then it has inspired him in many more ways. He feels extremely grateful to be able to share his practice and lessons with his students.

Yannick's style of teaching is foundational, supportive, intuitive and interactive with a focus on alignment and the subtleties in each pose. He wants people to feel welcome in his classes, no matter their level of experience or their limitations.


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