Zhenya Gerson

Yoga Teacher

Zhenya can remember her first yoga class like it was yesterday. She had no idea what was going on but she knew she loved it from the moment her feet first landed on the mat. Zhenya's practice became serious when she was living in San Diego, CA and was suffering from a severe case of sciatica. Yoga helped warm her muscles and began to ease the condition. After a few short months her body felt better than ever and Zhenya knew yoga was going to be a practice for life. Not only had her sciatica eased but she was beginning to learn that yoga was much more than asana.

Zhenya's practice has taken her through highs and lows, healed injuries, both physically and spiritually, and has always taught her something new.

"I love teaching and seeing my students come out of their comfort zone, discovering their deepest, darkest and most heartfelt self and learning that yoga isn’t the perfect downward dog. The discoveries we can make on the yoga mat are like no other, but don’t take my word for it."

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