25 Hour Deepen Your Practice

Starts Saturday 13 August, 2022

25 Hour

$495 - Full Price


Dates & Timings

Saturday 13, 20 & 27 August
Surry Hills, 9am – 4pm


Available to all.


25 Continuing Education Credits available if studying 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Are you curious to learn more about yoga or dip your toes into the world of Yoga Teacher Training? This introductory course is the perfect training for any students looking to deepen their practice.

In this course you’ll gain the tools to physically and mentally broaden your yoga practice. Develop greater insight and understanding into the history and key philosophies of yoga. Discover the scientific impact of yoga on your brain, physiology and nervous system. Gain a deeper understanding of the subtle aspects of yoga including: meditation, pranayama (yoga breathwork), kosha’s and chakra’s.

Join Kat, Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training Facilitator for this expansive and intelligently crafted workshop style course. Kat has studied with world-class teachers for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge from the fields of science and applied yoga philosophy. Kat’s aim is to help you to unravel the mysteries of yoga, awaken new insights, and instil solid foundations of the practice of yoga – so that the tools and true benefits of yoga are available to everybody – whether or not you choose to take a 200 hour teacher training.

What to Expect:

You’ll begin each morning setting the foundation of your own physical practice. Morning practice will encompass yoga asana, meditation, pranayama mantra to awaken the body and mind and establish the rhythm for the day.

Mid morning sessions will explore the many fascinating facets of the practice we call ‘yoga’. You will explore the science, history & subtle energy practices, alongside foundational philosophy of practice, we will engage in deep discussion to expand our own experience of the practice of yoga.

Afternoons will return to stillness, relaxation and activities designed to focus and clear the mind. Enjoy relaxing guided visualisations and breath work to establish steadiness of mind and body whilst also restoring your nervous system.

What’s Covered:
Session 1, History & Philosophy of Yoga

  • Understand where Yoga originated
  • Establish a historical timeline of Yoga
  • The evolution of Yoga; the past to the present day
  • Key Yogic philosophies and how they relate to the modern world

What’s Covered:
Session 2, Yoga and Science

  • Yoga and Science – the scientific impact of Yoga
  • Introduction to the systems of the body
  • Meditation techniques and breath practices to de-stress

What’s Covered:
Session 3, A Deeper Dive – The Inner World of Yoga

  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Layers of Koshas
  • Chakras

Morning – Yoga Practice (asana, pranayama)
Mid Morning – Yoga Philosophy Lecture & Discussion
Afternoon – Discussion, Group work, posture breakdowns
& finish the day with a guided relaxation or meditation