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Ananda Kennard

Yoga Teacher

In the Hindu religious tradition, Ananda signifies eternal bliss, which is understood to be at the very core of the human experience. Yoga is a practice aiming at conscious union with this blissful foundation of our being (Sat-Chit-Ananda). As such, yoga has been part of Ananda’s life from the time of her conception; however, she has been teaching for 13 years and practicing for many more.

Ananda is a SmartFLOW certified teacher and teacher trainer, who has completed over 3000hrs of teacher training’s, and continues to apprentice with her beloved teachers. She is known to teach with humour, grace, and technical precision.

As a former yoga studio owner, Ananda has cultivated community and culture in the teaching and practice. Through many years of love and hard work, she instilled an indelible sense of curiosity and awareness in her teachers and students. Her dedication to the process and practice of yoga continues to remind us that life is in state of constant change. She believes yoga is deep listening, an act of physical and mental attuning, which increases the possibility for personal change. Yoga allows for a greater range of movement, so we might be able to adapt and grow in harmony with the moment. This understanding and practice of yoga has been further informed by her experiences as a mother.

Ananda and her husband Jim have recently partnered with BodyMindLife in the opening of BodyMindLife Byron Bay studio, where she plans to further fulfil this dharma of yoga.

SmartFLOW Certified Teacher and Teacher Trainer.

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