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Janet Yockers

Yoga Teacher

As a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and forever student, Janet loves all things yoga, people and learning. The start of her relationship with yoga is like many other love stories, she didn’t fall head over heels on the first date. It began with her mom’s boring yoga DVDs, progressed into sneaking into sessions at University and finally, after being dragged to a donation-based class in San Francisco, it clicked. After only a few months of practice she signed up to a Teacher Training with the only goal of getting to know herself better. After thousands of classes, a few city moves and managing studios for 7 years, she found her passion leading Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats. Her dream is to create a space of empowerment, learning, and fun, where students can grow their practice, feel totally supported, be themselves and have a good time doing it. As a 500hr E-RYT, Janet is meticulously technical and aims to lead classes that are inclusive, inventive and inspiring. One of the best ways to describe Janet’s class is simply ‘Tough Love.’ Her classes are challenging yet accessible and grounded yet imaginative. With a love for music, each class is wrapped in an uplifting soundtrack, with a dabble of mantra, and always embodied in love. You will leave Janet’s classes feeling a new inner strength and inspired to slow down.

E-RYT 500hr 200hr Yoga to the People 300hr Creature Yoga 50hr Super Sequencing with Noelle

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