Laura Peasley

Laura Peasley

Yoga Teacher

Laura Peasley is a Sydney based Yoga Teacher. She currently resides in Bondi Beach and calls herself a forever Student.
Starting a Yoga practice in 2012 transformed her mental health. Prior to this she lived with consistent levels of anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Her initiation to the practice – the clarity and peace of mind it provided – led her on an inner journey toward healing.

Laura is passionate about sharing her experience of these ancient and powerful tools (Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation), particularly their ability to ‘wake up’ the student to the mystery and magic of life. She sees the Yoga practice as a portal to journey inward, to experience joy and freedom.

It is her intention to help people slow down; to give her students the tools so that they too may find a little more balance, space and ease.


200hr BML TT, 300hr TT with Simon Park, 50hr Philosophy w Coopes and Aimee, 50hr Sequencing with Noelle, 25hr Energetics w Simon Park, 25hr Find the Teacher within w Maty Ezraty, 50hr Breathing with Tigers w Shiva Rea

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