rebecca barrett

Rebecca Barrett

Yoga Teacher

Rebecca discovered yoga whilst working in an unfulfilling job as a lawyer. Initially inspired by the tangible physical benefits, with time she noticed a mental shift too. It became clear to her that although many of us tick all the boxes in the material world, we do not take time to cultivate our internal world, so we feel a void. Yoga can give that spiritual fulfilment as a system of techniques. You don’t even have to excel at these techniques. Just keep showing up on the mat and using them, and you will see positive results.

It soon became apparent to Rebecca that she should share yoga’s various benefits through teaching. She now has 1800+ hours of teacher training. Her 200 hour foundational training was with Power Living and she then undertook a further 500 hours at BodyMindLife, inspired in particular by the advanced sequencing and yoga philosophy courses.

Rebecca’s classes are all about playfully testing limits. She uses her gymnastics background as a tool to gently encourage students to explore outside of their comfort zone. She is creative in her sequencing and joyful in her message, aiming to make her classes fun, educational and, at times, challenging….There is nothing quite like a well earned savasana!

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