Tash Pinter

Tash Pinter

Yoga Teacher

Tash’s classes are a unique blending of the three powerful rivers; Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda. She weaves the broad scope of these systems together to deliver a potent offering that is always from the heart. She skillfully teaches to the energetics and function of asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, kriya, mantra, contemplation & meditation.

Feeling into intuition and the collective climate as a whole, Tash creates impactful classes that are carefully curated to change the students energetic landscape so that they can be the most prepared to show up the best version of themselves throughout the many myriad forms of life.

Combining her lifelong love affair with music and dance, there is a natural rhythmic tone to her sequencing that creates an all encompassing experience into returning to the state of restful awareness.

Her many transformative journeys to India and connection to the Himalayan tradition continues to be the source of her practice and growth.

Her teaching experience expands over 12 years and has been blessed to have been taught by many highly regarded teachers such as Simon Park, Persia Juliet, Lalit Kumar, Brad Hay and her most influential and current teacher Rod Stryker.


200hr Himalaya yoga valley India 300hr BodyMind Life 100hr Simon Park 30 hr Dr Ray Long MD autonomy training Empowering the heart 50hr Rod Stryker Tantra shakti 50hr Para yoga Brad Hay Kundalini 50hr Rod Stryker Bachelor of teaching ( high school qualified Dance & PDHPE)

More about Tash Pinter

Tash has been a professional High School teacher for 9 years. Specialising in Dance and PD/H/PE. She brings with her years of experience in developing skills to engage and enhance a students learning in any context.