The Transformation Project

Week One – The Body

In week 1, we focus on The Body; the physical manifestation
of your soul. The way your body looks and feels is a strong indicator of your overall wellbeing. And while we can’t all have perfect bodies we can make the best of what we’ve been given!

Did you know?

Your body is designed to live for 150 years?! Many of the commonly accepted symptoms of aging are in fact the result of environmental stressors, lack of exercise, inadequate nutrition and poor breathing technique.

Week Two – The Mind

In week 2, we focus on the The Mind; the lens through which we experience life. Intricately connected to your breath, your mind has the power to trap you in a cycle of destructive habits or give you the freedom to achieve your wildest dreams.

Did you know?

You have around 60,000 thoughts every day and 95% of them are repeated.

Like a silent mantra, these repeated thoughts create your reality. So if you’re continually worrying about something, that something is exactly what you will attract into your life.

Week Three – Relationships

In week 3, we focus on Relationships… but not just the romantic kind. We’re talking about the way you connect and interact with
the world around you.

Did you know?

Relationships are more powerful than genetics when it comes to happiness and longevity.

Relationships are like a giant mirror that reflect your subconscious. If you’re living in harmony with others, it’s likely that your inner-world is in a state is ease and wellbeing.

Week Four – Purpose

In week 4, we focus on your Purpose; your raison d’etre
in this crazy merry go round of life. Purpose is what gets you up in the morning, what keeps you focused and what gives you the drive to achieve your highest potential.

Did you know?

People with a strong sense of purpose experience greater success and wealth.

Life is too important to simply ‘show up’. When you love what you do, life flows with ease and you tap into an endless source of energy and inspiration. But remember that true purpose isn’t about big achievements and mass recognition; sometimes the smallest acts have the greatest impact.