Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher!

BodyMind Life offer a number of Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training 50hr modules throughout the year. Our 50hr course takes a deep dive into the art of Pre-Natal Yoga to get you started on your Pre-Natal Yoga teaching journey, or take you deeper into your own practice.

50 Hour Teaching Modules

New mamas and expectants mamas are modern day warriors. These women, in fact all women, need to be strong both physically, mentally and emotionally, this Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training harnesses that belief.

BodyMindLife Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teachers are the best in the business. You will learn from senior teachers who draw from their own practical experience and the knowledge they have gained from decades of teaching and more than 6000 hours of training.

What’s going on from an anatomy and yoga physiology perspective at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.
How to create intelligent sequences that are safe
Relaxation, stress management and breathing techniques for pre and post pregnancy
How to modify key poses
Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic perspectives

Required Reading
The Yoga of Birth by Katie Manitsis

Students who wish to gain a 50 hour teaching certificate for Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training will need to have successfully completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course prior to commencing the course (copy of certificate must be submitted for verification). For those who wish to join the course for personal enjoyment and experience, you are welcome!

Available to qualified yoga teachers, mamas-to-be or new mamas, you will have all the tools you need to guide your own practice, or that of your students.

If you’d like more information about BodyMindLife’s Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training please enquire now or sign up below to the session of your choice.

Course bundle discounts are also available, please contact for more information.

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