Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Yin Yoga Teacher!

BodyMindLife offer a number of Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout the year with internationally renowned teacher Mel McLaughlin. These 50 Hour Modules take a deep dive into the art and practice of Yin Yoga. They are the perfect place to learn how to teach the Yin practice and enhance your own experience as a practitioner.

50 Hour Teaching Modules

BodyMindLife’s 50 hour Yin Yoga Training Module deepens your knowledge and practice of Yin Yoga and cultivate foundational teaching skills and confidence that will allow you to facilitate this practice for your students..

BodyMindLife Yin Yoga Teachers are the best in the business. You will learn from senior teachers who draw from their own practical experience and the knowledge they have gained from decades of teaching and more than 6000 hours of training.

All main meridians, organ pairs and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) theory
Taoism theory
Introduction to the energetics of Yin yoga
Overview of chakra theory and a sample of meditations
Key asana ‘families’ and props including Wall Yin
Long, deep practice Yin sessions for layering somatic experience with intellect

Students who wish to gain a 50 hour teaching certificate for Yin Yoga will need to have successfully completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course prior to commencing Yin Yoga Teacher Training (copy of certificate must be submitted for verification). For those who wish to join the course for personal enjoyment and experience, you are more than welcome!

You will need to complete 5 hours of external Yin yoga classes in the two months prior to course commencement. This could be online or in any studio with a teacher.

Meditation and morning practice 2hr
Lecture #1
Lecture #2
Afternoon tea
Lecture #3
Evening practice and pranayama 90 mins

This training is recognised by Yoga Australia for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and member upgrades.

If you’d like more information about BodyMindLife’s Yin Yoga training please enquire now. Alternatively sign up below to the Yin Yoga Training session of your choice.

Course bundle discounts are also available, please contact yogatt@bodymindlife.com for more information.

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