BodyMindLife was born from our desire to empower transformation through the practice of Yoga, Pilates and world-class Yoga Teacher Training.

Come for the practice, stay for the beautiful spaces, good tunes and world-leading teachers.

Our studios welcome students from all levels. We teach more than 650 classes each week for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, with locations in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, Kirrawee and Byron Bay.

Designed by award-winning architect and BodyMindLife co-founder Ferique Beach-Brown, who’s healing spaces and design beautification have frequented the pages of Vogue Living and Architectural Digest, our light-filled spaces feature sacred geometry to create a sense of calm and wellness while you practice.

Each studio is equipped with the latest equipment and change facilities with rain showers, lockers, free organic wash products, and hair dryers. Fresh towels and yoga mats are available to hire.

We’ve also hunted high and low for the best local, sustainable and ethical wellness brands in Australia. Visit our retail spaces for the likes of Alo Yoga, Nimble and Arcaa, and our own BodyMindLife essential oils, organic herbal tea range and leisurewear collections.

Our History

Born from a desire to empower transformation through education, BodyMindLife was established in 2004, co-founded by yoga teacher and entrepreneur, Phil Goodwin.

Phil and his wife Ferique now co-own and run BodyMindLife from their Byron Hinterland home, as they raise their young daughter, Gigi and launch their sixth studio in Byron Bay. Together they see BodyMindLife as an extension of themselves and their family – they care for, love and participate in the functioning of BodyMindLife daily.

Years of fervour, determination and experience have allowed Phil & Ferique to deliver their vision: to empower each person who walks through the doors of BodyMindLife to become completely integrated human beings.

It’s this heart-connection that fuels their passion to drive the business forward, through an ever-flowing process of transformation and growth. With them they bring a rich life experience from trading in financial markets, to living off-grid in eco villages, to being raised on ski-fields and yachts and spending childhoods in far away places, like Nigeria and Galapagos.

Phil feels that nothing has shaped him more than moving through the powerful process of learnt practise and wisdoms of yoga, meditation and mindful movement.

Ferique Brown is an award winning architect and designer. She has helped to shape the heart of Body Mind Life through designing meaningful spaces with regard for their energetic qualities using sacred geometry.

BodyMindLife is now a yoga, Pilates and wellness epicentre with a pioneering spirit… opening yoga studios before yoga was a thing, becoming the first studio in Australia dedicated to Vinyasa Yoga, hosting an array of local and international teachers who have offered consistent world-class training.

“We believe it is essential for every person to be exposed to the offering of Yoga as a life science – the more people practising yoga and pilates in life, the more our world will heal.”

Ferique Brown, Co-owner of Body Mind Life

Our Purpose

Our vision is about empowering transformation through education – we want to use yoga and mindful movement as a force for good. It’s our mission to support you as you connect with your unique state of being through education and the practise of yoga and Pilates. We want every body to feel they are a part of something that we know is making a collective difference.

Over our life-span we have seen more than 1.5 million people walk through our doors, attending nearly 100,000 classes. We offer a diverse range of services to support a holistic lifestyle in a modern world…

The business now has 6 sites across Sydney and Byron Bay, offering yoga, Pilates, small group classes, teaching academy, retreats, wellness therapies, community education and events, business collaborations and bespoke retail products.

“My dream is that after 12 months a student can walk away from Body Mind Life equipped with tools for better body movement and a deeper understanding of self – after this, returning to stay connected to our community of like-minded people.”

Phil Goodwin, Founder and CEO of Body Mind Life

Our Places

Our studios welcome you regardless of your level of knowledge of Yoga or Pilates. We teach more than 650 classes each week for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, of all ages, backgrounds and experience. With locations in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, Kirrawee and Byron Bay.

BodyMindLife acknowledges and pay our respects to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the Arakwal, Widjabal and Minjungbal of the Bundjalung Nation and all Traditional Custodians of the land on which we practice. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We will continue to listen, learn, and support their culture so that it may be respected and understood by generations to come.

Community – No matter which studio you visit, you will find a community of amazing empowered people, all transforming their lives through the power of yoga. It’s why some of the very best Australian and International Yoga Teachers choose to teach at BodyMindLIfe.

Architecture – All of our studios are designed by award-winning architect and BodyMindLife co-owner Ferique Beach-Brown. She’s passionate about creating beautiful healing spaces that allow you to rejuvenate, re-energise and restore. Her designs have frequented the pages of Vogue Living, Harper’s Bazaar and Architectural Digest – with stunning light-filled interiors featuring aspects of sacred geometry, cultivating an energy that brings about a sense of calm while you practice.

Retail – We’ve been hunting and gathering to bring you the very best local, sustainable and ethical wellness brands in Australia. Visit our retail spaces for the likes of Alo Yoga, Nimble and Arcaa, and our own BodyMindLife essential oils, organic herbal tea range and leisurewear collections. You can find BodyMindLife boutique retail and apparel in any of our studios.

Facilities – All of our classes are kept at a constant temperature of 26 to 30 degrees, heated by detoxifying infrared heating panels and filtered by air purification systems to give you an immune boost and release toxins while you practice. Find anything you can imagine for a luxurious wellness experience, from fresh towels to organic hand soap, rain showers, infrared saunas, cryotherapy machines and access to a list of alternative therapies. Our bespoke designed yoga mats are available to purchase and hire at all of our studios.

Our Community and Social Responsibility

I have not met one teacher who has not had the thought that if everyone practiced yoga the world would be a better place.

Phil Goodwin, Founder and CEO of Body Mind Life

Our team of teachers have a heart connection and desire for transformation; not just for themselves but for the people that come to our classes, workshops, retreats and academy. In turn we have a chance to collectively impact the community and our planet.

Each BodyMindLife studio hosts an array of workshops and events. We love to bring everyone together to learn through inspirational talks, value aligned brand collaborations, community classes and a chance to give back to those in need.

Transformation Project – recently we launched a first-of- its-kind wellness experiment to measure the impact of a dedicated Yoga, Pilates & Meditation practice on people’s lives. We’re on the hunt for courageous and committed people to participate in this life-changing study. Stay tuned for published results in 2020.

BodyMindLife supports a number of local charities that give back to our environment, youth and adult mental health and violence against women. These include:

  • Headspace
  • The Wayside Chapel
  • Plant a Tree for Me!

Our Environmental Responsibility

It’s our duty of care to act responsibly when it comes to our environment. We are constantly reviewing and improving our carbon footprint when it comes to the products we source, materials we specify and facilities we can offer you.

As part of our commitment to mother earth and our communities, we are actively exploring new ways to reduce our impact and give back. Some of the ways we’re currently taking responsibility for our environment are:

Our pledge is to become carbon neutral. The average Australian has a carbon footprint of about 15 tonnes per year and our studios emit about 105 tonnes per year. We have agreed from 2020 forward to plant 5,000 trees to offset this.

From November 2020 moving forward we have also agreed to plant a tree for any new members as our way to say thanks and give back. We’re proud to have planted 354 trees in 2020 for our new members!

100% of all funds from yoga mat rentals ($2 each) are donated. Of this donation amount, 50% is contributed to WIRES and 50% for Plant a Tree for Me with the aim to regrow a number of wildlife corridors in NSW.

We are working to remove 100% of single use plastic from our six studios by the end of 2020.

We aim to reduce our emissions every year at a studio level by optimising energy usage, using solar power, grey-water and buying in to carbon offset schemes.

We’ve also pledged to help combat climate change via our partnership with green energy provider Enova. They have agreed to donate $50 to Carbon8 for any BodyMindLife members who sign up with Enova energy. The donation will be used on programs to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in soil and participation in the program for one year will help drawdown around 1,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 per hectare into the farmers’ soil. Just use BML50 here to ensure the donation is made on your behalf!

BodyMindLife is commencing the process to become a certified B Corp business in 2020.

All new studios, such as our latest space in Byron Bay, will set a benchmark for sustainable design and practice. This studio has a 10Kw solar array to generate power, bike racks, super efficient hepa 3 air filters and air-conditioning systems, energy efficient LED lighting, low water flush toilets and showers, and rainwater harvesting systems.

We’ve also hunted high and low for the best local, sustainable and ethical wellness brands in Australia. Visit our retail spaces for the likes of Alo Yoga, Nimble and Arcaa, and our own BodyMindLife essential oils, organic herbal tea range and leisurewear collections.

In 2020 we will commit to understanding the supply chain of our retail products with the intention to improve and remove any buy-in to unethical practices.

Our Learning Academy

Do you feel caught up in a culture of busyness? Rushing from one day to the next, constantly trying to change our health, our body, our emotions and plans our future can leave us in a state of stress and anxiety. Yoga and Pilates can open up the possibility of connecting to what we already have — to who we already are.

Become a part of our learning academy to transform yourself through world-class education. Dive deep into your yoga and Pilates practice and share the power of these transformative practises with your local community, or the world!

BodyMindLife studios offer full-time and part-time Yoga Teacher Training at 200, 350 and 500 Hour levels, and full-time and part-time Reformer Pilates Teacher Training. Our courses run across Sydney and Byron Bay, at different paces to suit your lifestyle.

Our academy is run by some of the best yoga and Pilates teachers from across Australia and abroad and our education is 100% certified and accredited.
Maty Ezraty Scholarship – In honour of the late Maty Ezraty we will be launching a scholarship program in 2020 for students who excel in the area of Yoga. Stay tuned via our monthly Newsletter, with information being released as it unfolds

When people tell me that they want to try yoga but don’t because they aren’t ‘flexible enough’, I tell them yoga isn’t about attaining the perfect pose. Use as many blocks as you need. Modify the pose to feel comfortable in your own body. It’s not about being ‘good enough’ or ‘right’: Yoga is about removing any judgment and letting us be present to who we are now.

Phil Goodwin, Founder and CEO of Body Mind Life

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