Our most frequently asked questions to help you better prepare for your visit to our studios.

How does the trial pass work?

  • The trial pass is a one time offer and is available for new students who have not practiced at any of our BodyMindLife locations. Your trial pass will activate from your first class booking. The trial pass is a non-refundable and non-transferable – there are no suspensions or extensions available. Once your trial pass ends it will automatically expire and will not roll over to a membership. 

What should I expect at my first class?

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time and sign in for your class at reception. Late entry is not permitted. For security reasons, the door to the studio is locked at the beginning of each class. No shoes, phones, bags or glass water bottles are allowed in the practice rooms. We highly recommend that you bring your own yoga mat for hygiene reasons. However, we do have a few mats for hire at reception if required. Socks are required for all reformer Pilates classes.

Where do I put my belongings while I practice?

  • Please take care of all your belongings and store any personal items in a locker in the changing rooms. BodyMindLife takes no responsibility for the items you choose to leave unattended whilst you practice. Unfortunately, we are not immune to theft. 

How can I use my 10/20 class pass?

  • These passes are valid for 6 months from purchase date. Extensions and suspensions are not available. The pass is non-refundable. You can nominate 1 family member or friend to share your 10/20 Class Pass with. Maximum 2 people sharing a Class Pass. Please have your friend/family member create an account online and then contact your studio with the details so we can process package sharing on your pass. It is the responsibility of of the class pass member to let us know of any changes in relationships 

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • BodyMindLife members can store their mats at any studio location for free, if space permits (please keep these in a full-length mat bag and include a label with your full name and phone number). 
  • All members get access to free and discounted yoga & Pilates workshops across the year.
  • Be the first to hear about new trainings, workshops and events – especially any early bird pricing.
  • Free community events with fellow students and teachers to celebrate being part of our BML family.
  • 50% off sauna passes
  • 10% off studio retail items 
  • 2 buddy passes every three months 
  • No lock in contract 

Can I suspend my membership?

  • Yes, suspensions are only available for Fortnightly and Annual Memberships. Please email your studio to arrange this. 7 days’ notice is required for suspensions. Annual Members can suspend for a maximum 56 days’ on their pass. Please let us know if you need a suspension as non-attendance won’t automatically place your membership on suspension and we are unable to backdate suspensions. 

Can I cancel my membership?

  • Yes, however Annual Memberships are non-refundable. If you would like to cancel your Fortnightly Membership you can request this via email to your most frequented studio. We require 14 days’ notice ahead of your next membership payment. If you are planning to eventually return to the studio, we recommend suspending your membership to avoid needing to join a new contract. Please let us know if you need to cancel your contract as non-attendance won’t automatically cancel your membership contract and we are unable to refund membership payments. 

Do you offer concession rates?

  • Yes! We offer concession rates for a Seniors Card, Pensioners Card, Full Time Student Card, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Disability Support Pension.
  • Members who are eligible for a concession rate membership must provide proof every 12 months from their joining date to confirm they are still eligible for that reduced rate. Please come and see us in the studio to arrange. 

How can I use my Buddy Pass?

  • If you’re a BML member, you will receive two Buddy Passes every 3 months. Keep in mind, they don’t accumulate if you haven’t used them. To access your buddy passes, all you need to do is have your partner/friend register through our website (if new to BML) and call or email us at any your preferred studio, so we can reserve a spot for your friend & assign the pass.

When are classes available to book?

  • The schedule is available 7 days in advance. Example, our booking window is 7 days. At 12am, exactly one week prior, we release all classes for a given day. So for instances,  if it’s Wednesday, you can book the following Wednesday’s classes beginning at 12:00am, and so on and so forth. 

Are bookings essential?

  • Bookings are highly recommended. If you show up at the studio without a pre-booking we cannot guarantee you a spot in the class. 

Is it possible to join in if I’m late for the class?

  • No, sorry. Late entry is not permitted. The studio doors will open 15 minutes before the class starts to give our team time to clean properly and do any prep before classes. For security reasons, the door to the studio is locked at the beginning of each class and we don’t always have staff working at the desk. Please check-in at reception before each class and allow plenty of time to get yourself ready for your class.

How many classes can I book a day?

  • Our memberships are unlimited. However, please be mindful when you pre-book your classes. We do have a 2 hour cancellation policy (see below) and if you forget to cancel your booking you many incur a fee. This booking policy is in place to allow everyone a fair chance to attend a class and also to prevent no show visits.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

  • Plans change! If you book into class and are unable to attend, please early cancel at least 2 hours before your yoga or Pilates class is due to start via your Account (Schedule). If you fail to do so you will incur a late cancellation fee $15, or no show fee $25 (class pass holders and pre-paid corporate accounts will lose a class). Please read our cancellation policy for the full details.

How does the waitlist work?

  • MINDBODY waitlist function allows you to reserve a spot in a full class. When a spot in the class becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will be automatically moved into the class. Spaces that are cancelled inside of the 2 hour window will be charged the usual late fee and the space will be made available to all members. You will only be automatically enrolled on a waitlist outside of the 2 hour cancellation window.

    You will receive both an email and an SMS when you are booked into a class via the waitlist. In the text message, you will be asked to respond ‘Y’ to confirm or ‘N’ to cancel. If you respond ‘N’, you will be removed from the class and the next client on the waitlist will automatically be added and receive the waitlist confirmation SMS. If you don’t respond Y or N to the SMS you are still booked into the class. However, if you don’t show-up for class, and haven’t responded to the text, we may give your space to any walk-ins and you will be charged the no-show fee as per-usual.

    Please be mindful of this when booking the waitlist for early morning classes as it is possible you will be automatically enrolled into a class in the early hours of the morning! Please treat the waitlist like you are booking a class. If you have added yourself to the waitlist and longer want to attend the class, please cancel the waitlisted classes via your Account (Account Schedule). The waitlist is only currently available on the website. We are speaking with MINDBODY to enable on the app.

I’m not receiving text or email notifications for my bookings or for my Account including suspension reminders. Why?

  • Check your notification settings for your Account (Account Info) go to “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT?” and make sure you enable “Schedule Updates” – we highly recommend you opt in for these reminders and also Account Management for suspension reminders.

I’m not able to login to the website?

  • For our new website, if you haven’t logged in since December 15th 2021, please reset your password 
    1. Please visit – www.bodymindlife.com 
    2. Click “Account” top right hand corner
    3. Enter your login details
    4. Can’t login? Please click “Reset Password”
    5. Enter your email that you normally log in with on the old website
    6. Check your inbox for password reset email (including junk) subject title: “Login Information: BodyMindLife”
    7. Click “create new password” link
    8. Enter new password, re-confirm password and click SAVE

I’m not able to login to the app?

The app is a seperate system to the website. So your website login won’t automatically work for the app. You may need to create an account for the app (using your email that we have for you). If you have a MINDBODY Account you will need to link your MINDBODY account to BODYMINDLIFE. Clients can view which businesses their profile is linked to by visiting https://account.mindbodyonline.com/

BodyMindLife Member benefits include:

  • Four free member workshops each year.
  • Bring a buddy to a class for free, twice a quarter.
  • Complimentary access to our BodyMindLife Online platform.
  • Exclusive access to community events.
  • The first to hear about new trainings, workshops and events.
  • Discounts on all of our Yoga & Pilates workshops.
  • Free mat storage at any of our studios.
  • Free membership suspension.
  • No lock in contract or minimum term.

What type of yoga classes do you offer?

  • BodyMindLife offers Essentials, Open, Chill Flow, Progressive, Prenatal and Yin Yoga classes. Check out the online timetable for more info.

I’ve never practiced yoga before. Which class should I take?

  • Start with Yoga Essentials. These classes build the foundations of your yoga practice, and move at a steady pace with a focus on alignment and instruction. We recommend Yoga Essentials for those who are newer to yoga, or experienced students looking to refine their practice and technique.

What happens in Yoga Essentials classes?

  • Yoga Essentials classes roll on a nine-week cycle which you can join at any time. Designed to build your strength and flexibility gradually and safely, each week we focus on a specific part of the yoga practice moving through foundations, sun salutations, warriors, balancing poses, the triangle series, back bending, abs & inversions, and hip openers & forward bends.

I’m an experienced yoga student. Which class should I take?

  • Start with Yoga Open. These classes offer an energetic flow and creative sequencing, designed to challenge and inspire. Classes vary in focus and pace, and from teacher to teacher, and we recommend trying a range of classes to find what resonates with you.

I’m an experienced yoga student or yoga teacher looking for a challenge. Are there more advanced options for me?

  • Yes! Yoga Progressive classes are for those who like to play at their limits. Be ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally with a vigorous practice that incorporates arm balances, inversions, and adventurous sequencing. Progressive classes are for experienced yogis only and are not suitable for beginners.

What happens in a Chill Flow class?

  • Chill Flow classes carve flow through a voluptuous sequence that melts the body open with delicious hip openers and prepares it for long, deep holds. Move from pose to counter pose, creating a full-spectrum experience for the body that will leave you feeling centred and whole.

What happens in a Yin Yoga class?

  • Yin Yoga offers long, meditative yoga holds that release stress and tension from the body, explore subtle energies and penetrate deep into the connective tissues of the body. Positions are held from 3-7 minutes and may be enhanced by supportive props like bolsters, blankets or blocks.

What happens in a Yoga Nidra class?

  • Yoga Nidra is a guided practice that induces deep relaxation, eliminates stress and leaves you feeling nurtured and restored.

What happens in Prenatal Yoga classes?

  • Prenatal yoga classes are taught by highly qualified teachers and specifically designed for expectant Mums. Expect a range of yoga poses designed to increase flexibility in the hips and pelvis, and build strength needed to support you through your pregnancy. You will explore breath and relaxation techniques that will help you connect to yourself and your bub, and prepare calmly and consciously for birth.

What happens in Parents & Bubs Yoga classes?

  • Parents and Bubs Yoga classes will rebuild strength and flexibility in the postpartum body and give you the opportunity to connect with your baby. Expect a range of yoga poses that will help rebuild your core strength, realign the spine, hips and pelvis, and release muscle tension around the shoulders and upper spine caused by breast-feeding and carrying your bub. All babies are welcome, pre-walking.

Can I practice in any yoga class if I am pregnant? 

  • If you are past your first trimester, have had no complications and been advised by your doctor that you are capable of practicing Vinyasa style yoga we ask that you attend at least two prenatal yoga classes to learn how to modify your practice before attending regular yoga classes, and we strongly recommend that you attend non-heated classes. If there is any concern, discomfort or uncertainty it is recommended not to participate. If you have any questions please reach out to us for further discussion with our teachers.

Can I leave a yoga class early?

  • Please stay for the entire length of practice. This includes Savasana – it’s one of the most important poses in yoga! If you MUST leave early, please discuss this with your teacher before class begins and understand that they may not be able to accommodate your request.

What type of Pilates classes do you offer?

  • BodyMindLife offers Group Reformer Pilates Classes in our studios and Mat Pilates Classes online. Reformer classes include three levels – Align, Flow and Dynamic which move from the most simple to the most complex.

I’ve never practiced reformer Pilates before. Which class should I take?

  • We recommend starting with our reformer Pilates Align classes that are designed to build the foundations of your practice – gradually and safely toning the body, while increasing control, balance, precision and strength. Taught at a beginner level, classes are suitable for those who are new to the Pilates Reformer practice, clients who want to fine-tune their technique, and prenatal clients. 

What happens in reformer Pilates Align classes?

  • Pilates Align classes roll on a nine-week cycle which you can join at any time. Designed to build your strength and flexibility gradually and safely, each week we focus on a specific part of the Pilates practice moving through leg & footwork, hands in straps, feet in straps, lunges, hip disassociation I & II, lateral work & hands on bars, short & long box, arms, and hip abduction & adduction.

I’m an experienced Pilates practitioner or Pilates teacher looking for a challenge. Are there more advanced options for me?

  • Yes! Reformer Pilates Dynamic is an advanced class for seasoned Pilates practitioners. A very challenging full body workout with quick transitions and technical movements, this is not suitable for beginners, those with injuries, or during pregnancy.

Can I practice reformer Pilates while I am pregnant?

  • Pilates is an amazing way to prepare your body for birth and postpartum recovery. If you If you have had no complications and have been advised by your doctor that you are capable and healthy you are welcome to attend Prenatal Pilates classes, or our Pilates Align classes throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Pilates Flow is ideal for those who already have a Pilates practice and is suitable for prenatal clients up to 20 weeks. Dynamic classes are not suitable at any stage during pregnancy. If there is any concern, discomfort or uncertainty it is recommended not to participate. If you have any questions please reach out to us for further discussion with our teachers.

Can I practice reformer Pilates while I am injured?

  • Only If you have been given the OK to practice from your doctor or health care professional, but please be mindful that our Pilates Reformer Group classes are not specifically designed for injury rehabilitation. Please make sure you let your teacher know of any injuries you may have before class. If there is any concern, discomfort or uncertainty it is recommended not to participate in a group class setting. 

Will reformer Pilates help my yoga practice?

  • Yes. Pilates will dial up your core, strengthening the deep muscles in the abdominal and obliques. It will also increase stability in your shoulders and hips, supporting your joints, and helping you to move with greater efficiency and control.

What should I expect from the sauna?

  • The sauna is located within its own private therapy room which will be stocked with a robe, towel and water. Prior to your arrival, the sauna will be preheated to 65 degrees celsius for a session duration of 45 minutes. We recommend you enter the infrared sauna in swimwear or cotton underwear. For hygiene purposes, we ask that you sit on a towel for the duration of your session. During your session you can listen to relaxation music, guided meditations or podcasts which can be played through the internal speakers. The sauna has also been fitted with light therapy and we encourage you to experiment with the different colours during your session. For maximum benefit we recommend a sauna session of 65 degrees celsius for 40 mins, however if you need to take a break you are able to enter and exit the sauna as many times as you like during the session. Shower, toilet and change room facilities are available to freshen up after your session.

How do I prepare for the sauna?

  • If it’s your first sauna experience, try to arrive 5-10 mins early so we have the opportunity to talk you through your first session. It’s important to make sure you are well hydrated before and after any sauna session for maximum benefit and detoxification. An hour before your session try to drink at least 500mls of good quality filtered water. If you can, limit the amount of personal care products you put on before a sauna session. Clean skin will make it easier for your body to cleanse and clear out all the toxins and impurities.

What should I do after the sauna?

  • Brush your skin, including the face and scalp, with a body brush or loafer, if you have one. If it is possible to shower, do so as soon as you get out in order to wash off any lingering toxins. Ideally, the shower should be cool-warm but preferably not hot (if you can’t shower, just wipe yourself down with a wet towel). Ideally, avoid using any soap, shampoo or moisturiser after your sauna as it can block up the lovely open pores of the skin and stop the post-sauna detox effect. Drink another 500ml of water over 10-30 minutes. Resting for 10-30 minutes after your sauna is ideal. It helps transition the body back to homeostasis (balance) and decreases the chance of light-headedness or fatigue later in the day. 

What if I need to cancel my sauna session?

  • We request a minimum of 2 hours notice to change or cancel a Sauna or Cryotherapy appointment. If you provide less than 2 hours notice you will lose your booking and sauna/cryotherapy pass for that session. Please note, if you simply do not show up to your appointment, you will also lose your booking and sauna/cryotherapy pass for that session. Bookings are non-refundable however can be rescheduled with appropriate notice. If you arrive late to your appointment and we have another appointment scheduled immediately after you, we may only be able to offer you your remaining time and we retain the right to charge full treatment fee.

What can I gift?

  • You can gift a trial pass, class pass, drop-in session or a personalised gift card to be used at any BodyMindLife location. Arrange a gift card by visiting our pricing page.

I have questions about BodyMindLife Online?

Can I practice when I’m sick?

  • No. Give your body a rest and prevent spreading infection by refraining from practice when you have a cold, flu or other sickness. 

Can my child practice at the studio?

  • Children aged between 13-14 years old are welcome to attend class if accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Children from 15-18 years old can attend a class on their own but please keep in mind that supervision is not provided. We highly recommend that all children and minors complete our Yoga Essentials Program and our Pilates Align Program before attending any Open or Flow classes and arrive early for their first class for a brief consultation with one of our staff members or teachers. (Please note, concession rates apply – no separate child pricing is available).

Do you have child-minding facilities?

  • No. Please be aware that children are not permitted to wait in the studio while you practice. All children visiting the studios must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Pets and Service Animals

  • Please be aware that pets and service animals cannot be brought into the classroom and are not permitted to wait in the studio while you practise.

Do you offer private classes or corporate sessions?

  • Yes! Email us at support@bodymindlife.com to enquire.

Can I claim back my Yoga and Pilates class on my health fund?

  • BodyMindLife are happy to provide invoices for membership and pass payments. These invoices will display your pass/membership purchase, dates of purchase and value of purchase. The invoice will also show our ABN number, business logo and address. Currently we do not have any instructors registered with any health funds. You will need to check with your individual health insurer as to whether you are eligible to claim classes.

Do you offer a payment plan?

  • Yes! You can pay in instalments with the full payment required 1 week before the training start date.
    Still have questions? Book a call to discuss. 

What if I’m not interested in teaching, can I take this course for personal reasons and to deepen my knowledge of yoga?

  • Of course. We encourage everybody to take this course if they are interested in the practice of yoga. Whether or not you hope to teach, you will gain so much from the training. The accreditation is an added bonus that will always be there if you choose to pursue it later in life.

Do I need years of yoga practice before signing up for yoga teacher training?

  • Not at all. This course is accessible to students of all levels and all abilities, including absolute beginners with the desire to deepen their own personal experience of yoga and share what they love.

What if I’m going through a particularly difficult time in my life right now? Should I wait to enrol?

  • No. In fact, most students sign up for training when they’re at a crossroads, experience a feeling of ‘stuckness’ or searching for change. BodyMindLife Yoga Teacher Training can help you foster positive change in all areas of your life.

Do I need to take time off from work to complete this course?

  • For our part-time training, you will only need one week off work for the Byron Bay immersion. The remainder of the training is every other weekend to enable you to fit this in alongside other existing commitments. The full-time training will require your participation for four straight weeks, Monday through to Friday.

Why should I join now?

  • If you’re thinking about it, you already know the answer.

What certification do I get and can I use it to teach?

  • You will gain a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate, accredited by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia. This will allow you to teach both in Australia and internationally (of course, granted that you complete your first aid and also have appropriate insurance). 200 Hour is the minimum certification required for a yoga teacher..

What does the course cover?

  • Classical alignment of postures, in-depth understanding of asana and yogic techniques.
  • How to strengthen your personal practice, mind-body connection and emotional resilience.
  • How to intelligently sequence and teach creative yoga flows.
  • The origins of yoga history and philosophy.
  • Breath and meditation techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.
  • Increased self awareness and personal growth.
  • The key principles and application of anatomy and physiology.
  • Insights into the business of yoga and how to thrive as a teacher.

What does a typical day in training look like?

  • 7am – 9:00am – Morning Practice (includes: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation)
  • 9am – 10am ~ Group Morning Break
  • 10am – 1pm ~ Lecture & Theory
  • 1pm – 2pm ~ Group Lunch Break
  • 2pm – 5pm ~ Afternoon Asana Techniques & Methodology

How long will I have access to my course materials?

  • You will be given printed manuals on Day 1 of the training and these will be yours to keep forever so you can always refer to the invaluable teachings.

What exams do I need to do?

  • There will be various homework and assessments required throughout the training and you will be required to complete a teaching exam during your final weekend, but don’t worry, you will have had SO much training by then, you’ll be ready to go.

If I’m from outside of Sydney, what are my accommodation options?

  • We don’t have accommodation at BodyMindLife but there are plenty of options to choose from in the area! We recommend staying in the beautiful Surry Hills, where we’re based, however we are just a few steps from Sydney Central Station which has quick access to most areas around Sydney. Once you’ve enrolled, the team at yogatt@bodymindlife.com are happy to assist.

Can I park my car during the training?

  • There are some paid 2 hourly and all day parking options situated outside of the studio, but they are regularly patrolled by rangers. We are also only a 2 minute walk from Central Station should you prefer to take public transport.