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Reformer Pilates

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Give yourself the gift of more bend and more power with four powerful Reformer Pilates classes designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility.

Across our four studios in Bondi Beach, Surry Hills, Kirrawee and Byron Bay; treat yourself to beginner friendly, parents and bubs, intermediate and advanced Reformer Pilates classes that will leave your endorphins riding high.

Be sure to bring a pair of socks with you to protect your feet whilst on the machine.


Reformer Pilates

Bend, breathe and focus...

Pilates Align classes are designed for those who are new to Pilates or for the more experienced practitioners who want to fine-tune their current practice and technique.

With a strong focus on technique and alignment, you will learn the fundamentals of Reformer Pilates and how to safely move your body on the Reformer machine while still receiving a full body workout with an emphasis on control and precision.

Who is this class for?

Align is suitable for people of all fitness levels and can be modified to suit different needs and abilities, including all stages of pregnancy. Our Align classes are a great way to improve overall strength and mobility, as well as reduce stress and tension in the body. If you’re new to Reformer Pilates, Align is the perfect place to start.


Reformer Pilates

Grow long and strong…

Reformer Pilates Flow is a full-body conditioning class. Get ready to strengthen and lengthen your muscles through a challenging series of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body, improve posture and prevent injury; while giving you the burn you know and love from the reformer!

Who is this class for?

Flow is ideal for those who are comfortable building on the skills and techniques learned in Align classes and who are ready to challenge their muscles in new ways. It is recommended that you attend 4 – 6 Pilates Align classes before trying Flow. This class best serves prenatal clients up to 20 weeks.


Reformer Pilates

Stretch your limits...

Dynamic classes are strong and challenging reformer based workouts designed for students who want to explore their boundaries and build on the foundations developed in our Align and Flow classes. These classes are created to challenge your strength through different load and spring tensions with the use of various Pilates props, long holds and elements of cardio sprinkled throughout. You will leave feeling invigorated and inspired with endorphins flowing!

Who is this class for?

Reformer Pilates Dynamic classes are ideal for those who have a strong foundation in Pilates and who are looking to take their practice to new heights. These classes are not suitable for beginners, for those with injuries or during pregnancy.


Reformer Pilates

Bond with your little one and regain your strength…

Our Parents and Bubs class has been designed to help rebuild strength and flexibility in the postpartum body and provides the unique opportunity to connect with your baby, have fun and exercise all at once! Expect a range of exercises that will help rebuild your abdominal strength, realign the spine, hips and pelvis and release muscle tension around the shoulders and upper back caused by feeding and carrying your growing bub.

Who is this class for?

Our Parents & Bubs Reformer Pilates class is a fun and interactive way for parents to get back into shape while spending quality time with their babies. These classes are typically designed for parents with bubs up to approximately 12 months old or at the pre-walking stage.

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