We’ve pioneered Pilates and Yoga education for 20+ years, delivered 413 awe-inspiring teacher trainings and graduated over 5,252 incredible students. Make your dreams a reality at BodyMindLife.



Whether you’re ready to shake things up and turn your passion for fitness into a career or bring a new level of fire to your personal-practice; our nationally accredited Reformer and Mat courses held in Sydney will have you feeling long, strong and ready to hit the ground running as an in-demand Pilates instructor in Australia and beyond.

Meeting like minded folks who are just as passionate about Pilates as you are, and who are just as excited to learn the art of contrology is a recipe for lifelong friendships. Get ready to have fun, laugh and sweat it out with some pretty amazing people as you delve into the powerful world of Pilates with BodyMindLife.



We don’t just teach Pilates, we live and breathe it. Our Reformer and Mat Pilates programs are designed to turn aspiring teachers into bona fide professionals. We’re proud to say that 97% of our graduates go on to land teaching roles straight after graduating. All of our Pilates programs are certified by Physical Activity Australia, which gives you the ability to teach across the world. While there may be a plethora of courses to choose from out there, discover what makes our programs shine.

We create in-demand Pilates teachers

A large part of becoming a Pilates teacher is having the ability to lead a room with skill and charm. What sets this curriculum apart from the rest is our key focus on developing your practical teaching skills. A portion of almost every day is dedicated to you practice teaching in the most supported and nurturing environment. With our experienced facilitators by your side, you’ll be ready to lead a Pilates class with the kind of confidence that would make Beyoncé proud!

Mentorship by world-class Pilates teachers

Learn from the best Pilates teachers in Australia and beyond. Our facilitators collectively bring a wealth of 80 years’ worth of knowledge and experience to each training which they are eager to impart to you. Whatever Pilates course you choose, you will receive ongoing mentorship by the best in the industry. Enjoy unparalleled access to your teachers throughout your enrolment and beyond, building a lasting relationship that nurtures your growth even after you graduate. We believe that learning is a continuous process, we’re committed to helping you achieve your full potential.


Our teacher training programs are backed by decades of expertise tucked snugly in our waistbands. Since 2007, we’ve delivered 413+ teacher training programs spanning both Pilates and Yoga and graduated 5,252 instructors who are now making waves in the industry. What’s more, we’re thrilled to have paid over $17 million in salaries to our outstanding BodyMindLife teachers. When you choose to become certified with us, you’re choosing to learn from the best, and become the best.



Our comprehensive Pilates teacher training courses are designed to shape you into the best of the best in the industry. Here’s what to expect once you’ve enrolled:


80 hours of face-to-face training with our experienced instructors. 

Get ready to work your muscles, sweat glitter and stretch your way through this dynamic, hands-on portion of the course. We’ll cover everything from anatomy and alignment to teaching techniques and intelligent cueing, so you’ll feel confident and equipped to lead your own Pilates classes.


50 hours of observation post-training

Gain valuable insight into the world of Pilates instruction. We’re all about flexibility, opt to complete this section of the course online, at one of our BodyMindLife studios, or at a studio of your choice. You’ll observe other instructors in action, take notes on their teaching styles, and absorb as much knowledge as possible to enhance your own teaching abilities.


20 hours of homework and assignments

This section will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the material and apply what you’ve learned in a practical way. 



Don’t take our word for it, discover what our Pilates graduates have to say…

“Not only did I fall in love with the practice itself for its myriad of amazing health benefits, but I rapidly fell in love with the BML community itself. Every single one of the instructors I have been privileged enough to be taught by… has become like a second home to me.”
– Katie D

“There’s no better way to understand and work out your whole body than reformer Pilates and no better place to do it than at BML!”
– Steph B

“BML reformer training was something I thought about for a long time and I’m so glad to have been apart of this group. The instructors, content, environment and group all excelled my expectations. Sad it’s over, so happy I did it!”
– Lucia W

“From day one it felt like you were joining a family and empowered to be ourselves and use our skills to be our own teacher.”
– Hayley C

“Absolutely loved BML training, I am so happy to have learned this dynamic and challenging physical and mental approach to reformer Pilates. I had an amazing experience.”
– Maxi W

“Everything I wanted in a course and more!”
– Jaclyn B


Our Pilates teacher training is for the disciplined, the dedicated, and the determined. It’s for those who want to master the art of movement and inspire others to do the same. Should you be ready to challenge yourself and elevate your fitness game (and that of others), the completion of our Pilates programs will open a number of thrilling opportunities for you. Whether your goal is to teach across the globe, dive deeper into the practice for personal endeavours or to open your very own studio one day, the world is your oyster.


Do you have a passion for the practice and want to share its benefits with the world? Becoming a Pilates teacher is a fulfilling and rewarding career, providing the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Our accredited Reformer and Mat Pilates programs will have you feeling confident in the skills you’ve learned in your course, and readily equipped to teach in gyms, online, and studios alike, across the world, no less.


You can become a qualified Pilates instructor and still keep your day job. Should you be a passionate practitioner with the goal of learning more about Pilates and to step-up your solo fitness game, our programs will benefit you immensely. Alongside mastering your alignment and learning the best advancements to suit your body; you will also enhance your leadership skills, personal development and your ability to teach anything.


Do you have the goal of one day opening your own Pilates studio? Let us teach you everything you need to know on how to become a successful instructor, further develop your leadership skills which is transferable in business and leading teams, as well as to deepen your knowledge within the industry. Owning a studio allows you to create a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals can better themselves physically and mentally.



“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”
– Joseph Pilates

Our Reformer Pilates will have you moving your body in ways you never thought possible to challenge your balance, strength and flexibility. Expect to walk away with a deep understanding of the guiding principles, history, and philosophy. The Reformer Pilates training also teaches proper alignment, form, and modifications for a variety of exercises on the reformer. You will be sweating, laughing, and even challenged — but in the end you will surprise yourself with your own abilities and be completely transformed by the experience. Pilates is one of the most holistic and effective forms of exercise and you will come to understand why it’s often referred to as “movement with intention”.


“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.” – Joseph Pilates

We’re taking it back to where it all began with Mat Pilates.
Immerse yourself in a fun and empowering program that will leave you feeling strong, flexible, and confident. You’ll learn a variety of exercises, from classic Pilates moves to more challenging variations, that can be modified to suit different levels of fitness and experience. Designed to create exceptional teachers, we place a strong emphasis on practical teaching which will provide you with the skills to become a confident and compelling instructor. Develop proven and effective cueing methods while maintaining class flow, and learn how to offer progressions, modifications and individual support.



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Senior Pilates Teacher,
Teacher Training Lead Facilitator

Chrisen began teaching Pilates in 2009 in Sydney and since then has spent two years teaching abroad in London. He is a fully certified STOTTPILATES® instructor, a certified Yoga instructor and a Barre instructor. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his trainings, having also studied a Bachelor of Arts and Science majoring in Anatomy and Music.


Senior Pilates Teacher,
Teacher Training Facilitator

With her cert IV in Pilates, Charlotte is a passionate teacher and educator known for her keen focus on form and alignment. After the birth of her first child, Charlotte specialises in pre and postnatal corrective exercise and loves supporting mums in their journey of motherhood.


Pilates Teacher,
Mat Pilates Facilitator

Ella’s life has always revolved around movement. She started as an acrobat and then began performing professionally as a dancer on stage and TV at the age of 12. Her certification in classical Pilates finds her leading fun, flowing and dynamic trainings.

Become a qualified Pilates teacher in Sydney

Our Pilates teacher trainings take place across 2 fabulous studios located in Sydney’s most amazing spots: Surry Hills and Bondi Beach.

Each of our studios are like a little slice of Pilates paradise, with bright and breezy spaces that will leave you feeling all kinds of inspired. Plus, each hub is close to public transport, so you can easily hop on the train or bus and be there in no time. We also have a plethora or specialty cafes and restaurants on our doorsteps. Whether you’re craving a perfectly ripe avocado smash or a superfood-packed green smoothie, spend your lunch breaks nourishing your taste buds and your body with your new Pilates friends.

No matter which Sydney studio you choose for your certification, you will have all the space and support you need to blossom into the best Pilates instructor you can be.

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